bows and pancakes oh my!

Hmmm pancakes!

Still sick, so I've been sober for a week, amazing right? Pumped up on drugs so I can function, but sober to watch all my friends act like asses. So I now know what kind of retard I am when I'm drunk. Yeah time to lay off the sauce.

yes it does exist! Yes it really is pancakes in a can! well sort of a can! and its organic! What is the world coming to if everything we want comes in a can! a can!

look its the same nozzle as cheese in a can! w00t! cheese in a can! pancakes in a can! Yes I already know what you're thinking! How can pancakes be in a can?

u just ooze it onto the pan and wait to flip it over. Yes the batter and everything is already in there, no need to add water or anything, just squeeze! LOL!

mini pancakes! they weren't that great, the batter is kinda off. I mean pancake batter has to be kinda thick you know?

the giant pancake we made. it was a little bit better. apparently mini pancakes suck, but normal sized ones are ok. This is the lazy man's pancake. yes even lazier than the bisque one where you add water and shake. Are you disgusted yet? LOL!

and randomly while walking through a korean store, I found these two headbands. They remind me of Mona's awesome headbands with giant bows on it that she got from Henry Bendal. I'm freaking poor so I can't afford those awesome handbands with bows. *cry* so I will have to make due with these instead!

god lord the bow on this one is HUGE! and PINK! the headband itself is thin, and metal, so i can bend it a bit and not worry about it breaking

the brown one is smaller than the pink bow. But its still cute!

I think it looks cute don't you?

damn this bow is big! it covers more than half of my head!

and this is what it looks like on me, course I'm still sick, so you don't want to see that. I can't look as cute as Mona in her bows right now. Damn I can't get over how big this damn bow is!

action shot of the bow! LOL!

I forgot to mention that I picked these up for 4.99 each, then they gave me 10% off cause the purchase was over $10. Not bad right? I'm gonna frequent that store more to see if they get in anymore of those headbands and stuff. They had a white one, but you know us asians, not good to wear white in our hair unless we're getting married or going to a funeral you know.

Hope you ladies have a good weekend. Its friday and its time to go out and have fun! I wonder what mine entails. A very sober one until I'm not sick. Have a good one ladies! party, eat, drink, be happy, shop and take pics!

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loveSHARA said...

PANCAKES. Yum. I haven't made pancakes in years. . ekk

~Mel said...

OMG! are u serious?! haha.. pancake in a can.. that's awesome.. now i'm really curious to try it out.. also those headbands are super cute!

wuzzyangel said...

You so got me wanting to run out and find that pancake in a can! LOL!! fricken awesome!

Cute bows!! And still sicky huh? Oh well, just rest and let the body reset!!

Goldschalgger!! Oooh... bad memories of that one for me.... ;P

ChyiX2 said...

Uh...what? Pancakes in a can? That's a first, haha!

The bows are supercute on you...well of what we can see of your head :)

A whole weweek sober? That's amazing! I'm very impressed. I don't know if I could do that...maybe I could try and see...just to see if it was no...not for me :P

Kimberly Tia said...

omg that is GENIUS.

Pancake in a Can -- I MUST HAVE IT.
It's genius, I'm just bummed that it doesn't taste fab, but I guess what do you expect right??

I wonder if i can find it in surrounding stores out here, I'm tempted.

and i loooooooove your headbands, those are to die for!! and darn you for smiley facing out your face!! u DORK.

M said...

of course i went straight to the headband pictures and drooled :P they're fab! i like them both! me wants it hhahah.

wow, pancake in a can, i haven't seen those in ages!

bailey's! me likeyyy

Anonymous said...

in a can! I know there are pancake mix in bottles but can wow! lol

Those bows are so cutee! Where is the Korean store located at?

SUGABUM said...

OMG, pancakes in a can. Totally ridiculous and disgusting, yet my type of thing at the same time.

The bow headbands are so cute. I like the brown one on you better. I tried on a similar head band on once and I just look like a 5 year old school girl. No good.