Weekend of Beauty or something like that

Talk about a three day weekend. I am really going to stop drinking this time around. Really, cause its killing my short term memory, and that's just not cool when you're not in your 20s anymore. seriously. moisturize ladies! This is what I can remember...

Pursebuzz, Enkore and Temptalia came into NYC for fashion week and a few other things. Damn being a beauty blogger must be awesome right? I didn't know who Temptalia was, sorry, I didn't, but she seemed really nice and was getting her mba and jd at the same time, and she loves mac.

group photo!

Pursebuzz is really nice and sweet, and she remembers me as the girl who twitters like crazy. She's like how do you remember to twitter so much? LOL. she also liked my tokidoki bag. She was asking us NYC ladies how the hell we have nice skin, cause it was freezing cold there, and she was moisturizing her face till she had white stuff from the cream and it still didn't feel right. She's really sweet and nice. And then she twitpiced me and her.

Koren was super nice as well, chatting and talk about everything and anything, and trying to find the $500 pro book that mac sells. he was pretty friendly, and his friend Christopher Drummond, who's coming out with his own make up line. Turns out he was trying to find a way to network and try his products out on people. So i guess I get be another guinea pig and get a consultation with free product. it sounds cool. since i still can't do eye make up.

the people who showed up were nice and weird and strange. some asked for autographs. not to say there's nothing wrong with that. some seemed fake. and some were camera whoring!

camera whores! every last one of them

in the spirit of the mood of this post, we'll refrain from negativity. RenRen! You are famous! I heard your name being dropped a few times when I was there. I was like RenRen? I know her! She's so sweet and nice and she lives in ATLANTA, GA not FL. girl we need to talk! I'm gonna hit you up!

mesg me for the separate post....yeah you know how!

Next day, was the big day at Minca where I would go meet the sexy Pink and Mona!

clearly pink knew what to order. dear god this was good! last time i totally ordered the wrong thing! for some reason they only had ONE of these, and Pink was so nice to let me have it. meanwhile her order got screwed up with rice.

hmm sexy....

the lovely mona and her man. I love her headband! reminds me of snow white! yes i got a pic of her man too! ha!

patricia fields!

Pink loved this store! LOL! She took way more pics than I did. I was just happy to hang out with her. One day when I grow up I'll be cool like her! LOL! Thanks for all the wonderful goodies you got us! a face mask, bb cream and nail polish! w00t!

I have to say it was great to go shopping with Pink. Girl does not play around when it comes to shopping. She knows what she wants and is pretty direct like yes! no! later! And it was pretty nice not to be harassed when I walk into a store like Bergoff Goodman. Last time I wore my army jacket and they stopped me at the door, like do you need help? are you lost? Like damn. Or when I went to Tiffany, they were like STOP! right when I walked in. You can imagine the crap I had to go through to pic up something for the fashion designer I was working for at the time. Bitch did not want to give me her necklace, like no i don't know you, i can't give you the necklace. Yeah right, bitch made me call the showroom and got chewed out on the phone by the fashion designer. appearances can be deceiving!

Anyways, Pink and I parted ways, it was great hanging out with her. I went to go drinking with my friends down on bleecker. My friend who is now a fireman was there, we were cracking jokes, trying to sneak a dog into the station and he invited me over to slide down the firepole like a retard. oh yes i will be sliding down the pole repeatedly. got blasted, trashed, and woke up the next morning in what appeared to be a house under construction. the fireman was doing his house over and decided to dump me into the room with the hole in the ceiling. awesome right? and that is why I'm going to stop drinking this time around. really.

really going to stop drinking

starting next week I'll stop drinking

Much love to all the blogger ladies out there! I do hope to meet all of you one day!

One more thing! Pink you were So right about the pink shisem glue! passed out, woke up, my lashes were still on! kinda creepy in a way, and I wouldn't do that again. had to mention that, that glue is super awesome!

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wuzzyangel said...

I know them damn camera whores!! Like the one in the grey & white striped shirt, w/ multi colored scarf! She was the worse cam whore in that whole group pic!! But as least she was the prettiest!! LOL!

Dang... Firepoles and waking up in unfinished houses huh?! Sound like fun to me!! ;)

Wow I wish I could hang out with all you guys, that would've been an experience in it's own right for me! Glad you guys had fun!

snoshhie said...

hi prey :)

i love reading your blog! did you take all those cigarette photos?

they're really cool!

MakeupByRenRen said...

OMG u wore lashes, you go girl! next time i go to NY we are definitely meeting up! thanks for clarifying that i'm from atlanta, not florida, lol...i'm goin to twitter you!

Russian Fortune Cookie said...

I'm pomegranatesix on Twitter :P

L said...

*woo* finally caught up readin' yo'shit girl. sooo'sorry for the lack of comments but im here now!

what a frackin' WONDERFUL weekend. u got to meet some of the OG beauty bloggers and meet PINK and M too?!

and u already know how i feel about all the damn food you post. one thing is for sure, when i hit up NYC we are eating DIM SUM FOR DAYSSS and everything else that gets in the WAY! LOL

ps. i love M's headband too. shes sooooo cute when she rocks them shitZ... i couldnt do it!

ima need somethin from p'fields come June. *winkwink*

and EFF THOSE BITCHES that stop u when u walk in.... im GLAD she got chewed out.

STOP DRINKIN my fellow T'lady.... stop itttttttttttttt.

other than that, i love u!