shoes, socks and boozing!

went to the free yelp event, they had for elites, since i write for them, i brought my friend along for the ride. drank A LOT, mostly everything at the bar was free, so yeah we drank it up. I was his wingman for the night. A lot of girls were talking to me cause I had my Tokidoki bag out. Girls were chatting and talking to me, and my guy friend of course inserts himself into the conversation, and we're all chatty and fine. i go to the bathroom come back and he's walking off with a girl hand in hand. not bad, right before i was about to smile and give him the thumbs up, this fat chick comes out of no where, grabs the girl and runs off. Yes, that's what you call a cockblock! he was just wondering how someone that fat could move so fast! all I could say was that she was fat and she would have pushed me out of the way and sat on me. LOL.

I met really nice ladies there, i got business cards from them so i could call and hang out. I made friends in the bathroom as well. god lord it was a crazy night. that and the fact that i said my friend was a fireman, damn ladies. had i known saying that would have opened the flood gates i would have said it earlier! I love crazy nights! I love getting my drink on.

And since wearing those awesome boots and fishnets, i'm on this kick of getting more stockings and socks, and skirts to go with the boots. for some reason i'm feeling really feminine.

I got a bunch of stares from guys, most were not good cause they were creepy looking. one guy actually took a pic with his cell phone of me! ewie! Then all these women were giving me glares and crap, like wtf? Wearing fishnets does not make you a slut! WTF! Stop staring u creepy ppl!

i also got it in tan! its suede, so no rain for this, but i guess i can wear feminine or floral stuff with these boots.

you gotta love the buckles that never want to buckle or unbuckle.

I got these awesome crotchet socks from H&M in white and black that totally go with these boots. i also picked up some black lace tights as well. damn i'm feeling like a girl again! must be those hot flashes and menopause for me at my age! LOL!

black ones

i look like a prairie girl don't i? well the socks go well with the boots at least!

yeah i know different skirt is needed here, but the boots look good

black lace tights i got at H&M. reminds me of the ones glow had on for her libertine look. god i love tights and stockings now!

I'm also looking for something similar to this one. These are a pair of Anna Sui knee high socks, crotchet complete with bow, super cute! i snagged the last pair. They came from Japan, but I can't see to find another pair like it again! anyone know where I can find something like this? i would get these in like every color and wear them with my boots!

I'll post more pics of what's happening and such soon. right now its friday night and you know the drill. time to get your drink on. and hopefully this weekend i'm gonna go to the firehouse and slide down the firepole. oh you know you want to!

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ladys0ul said...

I freaking ♥ the boots! They are simply stunning.

wuzzyangel said...

LOL! COCKBLOCKED!!! HAHA!! I've done that before though!! LOL!!

SEX BOOTS!!!! OOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGG!!! SOOO FUCKING HAWT!!! And all those socks rock sex! In that sweet way! Love the back lace tights on you!! You got some stems girl!!


ainstein said...

the boots are awesome! im in love with mine =D
where dya get your fishnet stockings at?!
take care love and have an awesome weekend! dont drink too much n wake up at some random place!

chibi said...

Love the socks and fishnets.
People that stare are just jealous.
Boots are very cute!

Jamilla Camel said...

Sex on legs, what can I say?

iamgrape1119 said...

Wooah! I LOVE those boots!! They are amazing!

Melanie said...

fishnets- yeahhuh!! nice photos!