one crazy weekend

I am getting too old for this. I swear. anyways the comic place I intern for got me into comic con for free. so i went for 2 days, getting lots of free stuff and looking at stuff. carrying free stuff gets heavy. It was pretty fun going there, aside from the huge freak and geekfest there. i mean at some point it got really scary. Some ppl take it to the extreme, but hey i guess that's what gets them off right?

let the freak fest begin!

its me mario!

pacman is hungry!


ninja turtles

awesome costumes!

the co creator of ugly dolls drew this for me!

costumed ppl come out in full force!

this one was funny

i give him props for wearing tights

more costumes!

monarch! where's dr girlfriend?

i didn't go the last day. i was seriously tired and it was gonna end at 5pm. plus the previous night's events kicked my butt. I met up with some old ollege friends to celebrate a friends bday. i showed up seriously late cause the trains were screwed up. i ended up drinking at joshua tree this 80's bar. pretty cool i guess. i got to talk to some ppl i haven't seen in forever. one was a friend who turned out to be a fireman now! LOL! he used to start fires workin in pyrotechnics and now he puts them out. oh the irony of it.

he was telling me about how one of his co workers went into a building to look for ppl and with one hand on the wall and the other reaching out he groped some woman. it was smokey and he couldn't see but he felt something, and he put pressure on it and the woman made a sound, so he figured it was a woman. he groped her, LOL and he dragged her out and he's getting a medal for it. LOL!

he said i could go visit him at the firehouse, and you know i'll be sliding down the pole being all retarded!

i ended up losing my scarf there, cause everyone was leaving and these skanky bitches were trying to take over the table we were sitting at. the next day i called and the bar found it, so i went back to the city to get it. i got back home at 7am sunday, needless to say i was exhausted and didnt' go to comic con the last day. but i woke up 3 hours later and had brunch instead! i am getting too old for this!

I'm incredible sore and tired, carrying around free crap is heavy that and walking around javits was tiring!

next door was the travel show. i'm sure they were wondering wtf is going on over there?!

I found an illustrator to help me work on my comic. yes, i find random stuff don't i? I'm going through some stories to see what I should do a comic on.

Also, on my flickr I posted a bunch of photos. Anyways, fucking star wars freaks are serious freaks. sorry but not everyone should be wearing the princess leia gold bikini outfit, just cause you're thin enough doesn't mean you should wear it. i mean i noticed that fat chicks love to dress up, and skinny chicks who are busted too. If ur not toned, and have a pot belly, plz put it away! so there! sorry freaks and geeks but that's your world, accept it and don't be chugging down the haterade when the truth hurts. my flickr is getting hammered with star wars geeks saying that their star wars chicks are hot and or nothing is wrong. Um...yeah...ok whatever, losers, the fact that you made 10 different accounts just so you can say some stupid comments just show how much of a life you don't have! i mean seriously, get over it. do you know how many ppl out there think you're losers? you gonna go out and try to say stupid comments to all of them? Though it is amusing to watch how pathetic they are acting, like seriously get a life.

am I really the sane one here? sadly it seems like I am.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

wow that looks like fun, lol...definitely an experience, some of those costumes are hardcore!

wuzzyangel said...

Girl I'm soo fuckin jealous!! I LOVE this kind of shit!! For reals!! Damn...

I thought I was following you, but fuck I lied... So I am now..