flip food + tagged!

totally irrelevant but DAMN! Talk about a big can of tuna!

Tao tagged me in this. And I guess this would be somewhat beauty related right? Its not as interesting, I usually stick to products that haven't done me wrong yet...food porn below!


Shampoo: Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo. Its gentle on my colored hair and I got it for free when Bumble and Bumbled screwed it up. Before I was using Kiss My Face shampoo, natural and no aluminum sulfate to strip stuff out of your hair, and the natural stuff makes your hair color last longer

Conditioner: Loreal Nutri Vive hair treatment, I dyed my hair too much, this keeps it soft, and less fried.

Styling products: Redken 05 straightening balm.

Hair mask: Neutragena Hair Mask, it makes my hair super soft

Shower gel: I use natural soap made by copa soaps. I realized the natural soaps don't dry out my skin out as much as the body washes.

Body moisturiser: Nivea Body Moisturizer, blue bottle!

Deodarant - Dove ultimate clear, cause I got it for free

Fake tan: Don't work the fake tan. bronzer? maybe.


Cleanser: Body Shop Tea Tree foaming wash. yeah not buying new stuff till I use this stuff up.

Eye makeup remover: Shu Umera cleansing oil. huge bottle, and you don't need to use that much.

Exfoliator -MAC microfine refinisher. Or the St Ives apricot scrub.


Primer: Paul and Joe whitening emulsion - makes for a good primer

Foundation: Skin foods BB cream mushroom,

Concealer: NYX concealer in the jar

Powder: Bare Essentials, sometimes Shu Umera powder

Blusher: Miliani Luminous, sometimes Chanel blush if I can find it

Bronzer: not really into bronzer

Highlighter: MAC Drizzlegold, Benefit Fancy Lady

Eyeshadow base: UDPP - not really using eyeshadow in general these days

Eyeshadows: don't really use shadows, maybe the Hard candy lunchbox set

Eyeliner: Urban Decay in soot

Eyelash curler: Shu Umera

Eyelash base: used to use the shishedo one, but that was it.

Fake lashes - Shisems! best eye glue ever too! stuff doesn't budge!

Mascara: Fiberwig, Blinc

Lipstick: don't use lipstick these days too lazy.

Lipgloss: MAC lipgloss in 3d

Nail colour: Urban Decay Graffiti

Onto the food porn! I know that's what you came to see! I went to get flip food, my friend and I, and we heard that the Jollibee opened up, so we decided to go check it out!

holy crap! why is that line so long! damn! flips love their jollibee obviously it seems. it was too cold for me to stand on that ridiculous line, so we went elsewhere.

so we went here instead

spicy oil!

sago drink

mango royale

pork belly

pork, liver and raisins, sounds gross, but its quite good over rice.

going to a free booze party tonight for mardi gras here in the city. yes i know i said i would stop drinking, and i really will. starting tomorrow.

i swear the ppl who work at my woman dr are really retarded. i said my name and she didn't get it, my last name isn't that long or complicated. and she kept adding letters. like wtf? she then started asking for my first name, and she finally found it. geez, i swear, is it really that hard? stupidity!

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ainstein said...

mmmm jollibee! so how do u like flip food? i think the pork, liver and raisin dish is called menudo, but im not sure =P

wuzzyangel said...

HOLY SHIT that IS a big can of Tuna!! And HOLY SHIT that's a long line! I hope the food was worth it for them!!

You're looked just fine!!

The sago drink looks mmmm....

Just don't wake up somewhere you don't remeber getting too okay?! Make sure it's in your own bed!! ;)

Joey said...

Mm, that food looks yummy! And so does that Tuna! haha. I looove mixing Tuna with Jap mayo.. and some onion powder. Fucking delicious!

MakeupByRenRen said...

aww good old jollibee...lol, filipinos get really excited about those things

M said...

that drink looks so pretty

ladys0ul said...

From experience, Jollibee is the shit! Ate at the one in San Francisco & I'm still craving for some 'til this day. Too bad we don't have them here in Canada.