restaurant week

i almost forgot it was restaurant week, cause i've been pre-occupied with partying! LOL! anyways my friend wanted to go to this french restaurant. it was really snooty to say the least. it was very uppidty, with a dress code. when i walked in it was like business people working there. it was somewhere on the upper east side too! ugh i felt so poor walking around there.

the name of the place. so french!

the restaurant week menu. yes i could only afford 24.07! broke ass bitch!

butter roll, they had some poor guy carry around a basket asking people if they wanted bread and gave out one per person with butter. i felt bad for him

salmon ceviche, free for our tasting.

soup. my friend ordered it, it was very heavy and creamy she says, she ordered off the restaurant week menu! damn girl!

chilled octopus. Small portions right?!

i'm getting my drink on again! LOL!

she didn't really like her soup as you can see

her beet salad. ew beets!

wtf is up with the silverware?!

my cod. damn look at all that foam! it was a tiny portion!

my friend's winter squash ravioli! Small potions again! she said it was heavy again.

my dessert, mana cotta something

vanilla poached pear! very yummy! the french know their desserts!

free madeleines! yummy! they were hot and fresh out of the oven too!

this place was near the whitney museum

yeah it was an interesting day yesterday. gotta hit up more restaurants for restaurant week!

Now i'm out to party it up! Excited that Pink is coming!

2 stalkers:

MakeupByRenRen said...

mmm the desserts look nummy!

Glow Chaser said...

Yummy!! Food pics make my belly grumble.

I have to admit though - I HATE DRESS CODES!!!