restaurant week and other stuff

you'd think restaurant week would be a week, but no, its like 2, actually its like 3 now, so it should really be restaurant month! anyways. being that its still january i'm partying, celebrating my bday, and stuffing my face silly. shamelessly i might add. but you know me i have no shame. well if you read my other blog then yes i have some shame, not a lot but there is some.

i'm getting sick btw, that could come from me drinking and partying the entire month, i guess that was bound to catch up with me. i'm getting too old for this.

I had one more bday dinner to go to again. my friend from jersey came out to see me and humor me. i was able to get him off and away from warhammer, surprisingly.

ribeye steak for me!

my friend had a whole fish!

i had a lychee martini which kinda sucked. so we'll end it there. dessert was ok. nothing spectacular and all. i didn't get a candle to make a wish. i think i've made the similar wish for a while. too bad it won't come true. sigh.

Onto restaurant week! We decided to have russian! yes, apparently this week the russians are coming out of the woodwork from all angles and such.

firebird menu

restaurant week portions! wtf?! ZAKUSKA PO-FIREBIRD ---> that's what they're calling it. Pork Piroghi, Crab Plelmini, With an Asian Blend and Pear Salad With a Champagne Vinaigrette. TINY piroghis!

REOBRUSHKI V GRANATOVOM SOUSE ---> yes that's the entree. Braised Short Rib, Crisp Polenta, Baby Carrots, Pomegranate Wine Reduction. The short rib was really small. good lord the size of a nano. if i didn't have bread i would be pissed!

charlotte dessert, which is kinda french not russian. though i'm not sure what desserts russians have

creme brulee. very not russian. i ended up eating both of these desserts cause my friend who's on a diet said she was full. it was nice there. decor was very overdone to say the least.

yes we all need a huge light like that

not bad for an entrance right?

i spoke to my russian friend, who's about oh 7 feet at least and could easily snap me in half if he wanted too, chatting away about real russian food. apparently it wasn't what i ate. looks like i'll be hunting for russian food. though i think i totally embarrassed him, cause when he speaks russian, dude....i have to sounds SEXY. i remember we'd be in the lab and he'd answer his phone and talk in russian and i'd be like where is that sexy voice coming from? i'd look around and go its you! course i did tell him he had a sexy voice when he spoke in russian during one of my drunken bar parties. damn i drink a lot. he's the 2nd guy to ever ask me to a museum. don't ask who the first was. go read my other blog. so right now i'm totally into russian stuff. meanwhile my other russian friend who's in denmark broke up with his gf and is looking for a new apt. clearly a new place where i can be a uber moocher again! my life is the way of the mooch. don't hate.

yes i went to morimoto's for rest week lunch with my friend who wanted to go there.

miso soup. it was miso soup. nothing special.

my friend had the salad

and because we were there my friend insisted we get sashimi, then we saw toro. fatty tuna. apparently there were two kinds of fatty tuna, the uber fatty and the 2nd fatty. of course his prices were insane. it was 10 and 13. yes, per piece! insane! but for some reason we got 2 pieces of each, i guess the sushi chef was like what?! here's 2, this is silly! anyways the uber fatty one, texture wise doesn't feel like fish, its more like meat in a way. but they were very fishy, which is not a good sign of freshness.

beef, onions, rice, ginger, seaweed and a poached egg. quite yummy

angry chicken! has a bit of a kick to it!

dessert! super awesome, and tasty! blood orange and passion fruit jelly squares! almond cake with pear and some tart with sour stuff in it!

he had his super expensive, complicated toilet again! That thing did so many things, aside from flush, it had heated seats which is good in the winter!

my friend works for this museum so i got a mooch into this show. yup all antiques and old stuff. even a totem pole there!

this is me being silly. I wanted to steal their balloons, but they were pretty big, and seriously floating up if you didn't nail them down

what luck I had, the tokidoki sample sale was right next door!

this is the bag I got there. super cute! and i'm happy that i walked out with only one bag, cause at one point i had 3 and my own bag too!

necklace I got. super cute! i'm so glad that i went!

my way of life is the way of the mooch. if i can mooch, i'm there. if there is a way i'll always mooch. LOL!

also, after some bs and other crap. i've decided to write "prose" don't ask. at first i was just trying to write really bad prose, but i read someone else's, and in a way it sorta gave me some insight into their head, but not really. just that i never really knew this person that well to begin with. but now its like damn your'e fucked up on a whole new level! so i'm writing other stuff again. i'm making that list of stuff that i need to do. projects that i was thinking of but never got around to. plushies that never got made. i have to admit, someone woke me up, someone charged the defibrillator and just zapped me, stabbed that giant needle into my heart and woke me the fuck up. (like uma thurman in pulp fiction) i'm awake, i can see. my heart is beating, even though you ashed your last cigarette into it. when i smell smoke i think of you. its just a reminder that i'm still alive, still kicking and my life is still out there.

(no that's not me, those are not my hands!)

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MakeupByRenRen said...

wow you came back with a bang! yummy food again, i drool even more since i'm a diet too dangit lol...keep partying girl!

SUGABUM said...

The black cod at Morimoto is to die for! But the portion is TINY. I'm so jealous that you got to go to a Tokidoki sample sale!