quick update

too many food pics to post but here's a quick update on life. not so quick. blogging does take time, and lately i've been blogging once a week or less it seems, being that i'm wasting time on twitter and such. facebook is sucking up time too. and the fact that i have too many followers on twitter most i don't know. wtf is up with that? my tumblr is being stared at by strangers which is not cool. so i have something new. it lets me post stuff quickly, a picture or what not. Its what's going on in my head

i am excited our lady Pink is coming to nyc to celebrate her bday. time to be bad.

sums it all up

also there was talk of blogger swapping of junk food which i am all down for! hit me up! i'm all excited and stuff. LOL!

Jan is almost over, my bday month is almost over, its time to grow up and buckle down and sell out to the man to make money and push paper around. time to wear ugly clothes from anne taylor and banana republic and look like you work in a stuffy office all day again . time to save up to go to traveling! I've comprised a list of places I want to go AND has friends living there so I can somewhat mooch!!!! woot the way of the mooch!

New Zealand
Hong Kong


That's gonna set me back oh a couple of gran don't you think? time to sell out!

you used my heart as an ashtray, but i'm not mad at you...you didn't smell like burnt cigarettes, you punched me in the chest and forced me to breathe. You set me up but I didn't fall. You pushed me off, and i woke up. Thanks.

3 stalkers:

MakeupByRenRen said...

next time I get my A to NY i'm goin to come visit yah!

xphoenix06 said...

I need to be carefull everytime I read any of your posts! You all way make me so hungry!!

Violet Honeybee said...

yah.. love burns.. I can totally agree.. =/