My birthday!

Where the hell have I been? I have to admit I'm not blogging as much, most because I've been partying it up, yes the entire month of jan is my bday it seems. so much happened, its all a blur. i can't keep track of it all. drama happened as always, stupid crap, and some good stuff. Where to start? (lots of pics coming up!)

went and had some fondue

heating up the beer for the cheese fondue. It was pretty fun cooking your food and all

metal plates for all! spicy pepper jack cheese!

yes its a hand holding the toilet paper

chocolate with walnuts, yes its dark in that place. and yes i got my drink on there. I am such a fucking lush!

I went somewhat crazy and cut my hair, since there was so much, plus i didn't need to waste all that shampoo. Been trying to dye it red, but something comes up and i can't seem to get the time to do it! I need to cover up my greys. *gasp* grey hair!

Kept drinking. Yes I kept drinking pretty much every day since i started partying hard. my liver is going to die at this rate, it really is.

two of my friends were nice and decided to have hot pot for me bday!

some of the stuff on the table, we're still washing, cleaning and chopping stuff still

then my friend got me this hungarian tart thing with blueberry.

sexy yes?

ok, so i need to rant just a bit here. my other friend decides on that day we're celebrating my bday to announce NOT only is she preggers BUT its a boy. now clearly if you can find out the gender then you have known you've been preggers for a while. and not to sound like a bitch, but we were there to celebrate my bday, and i got annoyed that she did that right then and there. like not wait till later, but the second we walked into the door, she announced it. talk about stealing thunder. i wouldn't have minded but honestly its like me showing up at someone's wedding in a wedding dress, you're stealing attention away. the worst is that the previous time we had met, it was just us, and we were talking wow everyone is getting preggers. and then my friend ask if there was anything she had to tell us. and she kept quiet. she pretty much wanted a bigger audience to announce it to. i was annoyed to say the least. i wouldn't do it at someone else's party, esp in the beginning, its something you say at the end.

my actual bday was thursday the 15th. i went to have dinner with my family that day. it was a quiet sobering day for me. plus snow and cold weather.

my bro ashamed that i can't eat as much as I used to.

went crazy obviously, i was having a bunny mommy moment, though i ended up creeping out everyone in the store with rocking on the chair with my bunny baby. hee hee. This was after brunch with mimosas!

had korean fried chicken + soju for another bday celebration.

strawberry soju!

I have one small rant. my friends who planned it suddenly changed their minds and said you plan it. wtf? i'm the bday girl. whatever, so when i pick this place, i suddenly get a txt saying i don't want to eat fried food, i want to eat korean bbq. WTF? Bitch if you wanted korean bbq why the fuck didn't you plan it? fucking tired of this, you were too lazy to plan, so STFU! we go there, and i swear to god, i was gonna kill her for being so rude. she was basically complaining and bitching that they didn't have her korean bbq, or short ribs, or seafood pancake right next to me. i was like dude, you're here for my bday, seriously. i wanted to fucking hit her for being like this. this isn't YOUR bday, you didn't want to plan it, and she went on and on about how she wanted the kimchi fried rice. yes she's white. i really didn't care, i just wanted to get my drink on. i think its really rude to be bitching and complaining about the place that you were too lazy to plan for and doesn't' have your seafood pancake. you know you could have planned it yourself. and its really rude to complain about the place for someone else's bday. if it was yours we would care, but it was mine and you were being a bitch. you really made me re-evaluate a lot of things.

Then I had another bday dinner yesterday, complete with lychee martinis! and my friend from jersey whom i haven't seen in forever!

ribeye steak!

mango cheese cake

i was busy getting my drink on, to be actively taking tons of pics. i also realize i didn't get a candle to make my wish. but i made my wish regardless. i hope it comes true.

I also need a new bff. Seriously. My old bff is too much of a goddamn space cadet and way too high maintenance and retarded for me. seriously. she's a total retard, she couldn't make plans, and i don't get why she's acting like those stupid girly types, i mean that only works when you're young, you're fucking turning 30 bitch! that shit gets old real fast., and guys can always replace u with a younger hotter model. anyways, she wanted to go to the yelp party with me on tuesday, but i told her the guest list is closed and now she's all like i need to save money, i don't want to pay for drinks, wtf? ghetto bitch! i need a new bff, that and the fact that my friend ditched me on sunday brunch for some stank bitch. ugh what is the world coming to? do i need a major overhaul of friends now? i think so.

Anyways this week seems pretty tame. yelp party tuesday. suppose to meet up with 2 friends for drinks this week too. i'm not gonna call or txt my female bff cause she's too into herself. I think this is the year to just delete idiots out of my phone and just move on. I so need to find new bffs.

p.s. I spend too much time on facebook it seems. But i twitter more than i blog now! i realize i drink too much, and that i drink so i can sleep now. i guess i should look into getting sleeping pills instead.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

wow girl you ate and drank it up! sounds to me like you might have a frenemy instead of a friend...maybe you should tell her shape up or ship out

Vanessa said...

Happy Belated Bday! Damn that's some good eats! I hear it's cold in NY, here in Cali it's an ODD 80 degrees! In January! It's craziness. I hope your New Year is off to a great start!

xppinkx said...


im horrid with my <333 spreading of my little input...but i lurk anyway...=)

woman what are you talking about you getting wined and dined left to right...FONDUE! DRINKS! SHABU! i SEE TAIWANESE FOOD YOOOOOO!!!

oh yeah and happy belated b-day baby was a week long celebration huh!!! AND you got a little somthin somethin!!! pauahahaha

OMG that strawberry soju looks to DIE FOR!!!...its like a fun smoothie!what rest. is that!!! i wanna go when i go to NYC...looks Goood!

well it looks like you had a good one and your very much loved Prey....



Violet Honeybee said...

damnnn the strawberry soju looks GOOOD!!! hahaha

yah.. teacher is kinda scary if she/he is so happy that people got crushed in an earthquake lol

happy chinese new years!!

SUGABUM said...

Happy birthday!! Wow, you really celebrateddd!!