The bitch is back!

Hellz yeah ladies, I'm fucking back, and i'm the biggest bitch EVER! Those of you who read my other blog, yes i'm updating that too.

Been partying it up. ppl canceled things sucked for a while. i went home. anyways, point is, things are getting somewhat better.

Those of you wondering when I was talking about meeting the glue boy, yes the smelly guy that reminds me of the kid who eats paste in the back of the room, yes it was on blogtv briefly. he wanted to meet up at beauty bar, which made me wonder, course i had only heard about it, i never realized what a fucking dive it was until i walked in.

drinks were cheap, $3 for beer. he was about 2 beers in when i got there, we chatted, and caught up. he failed out of grad school, he makes resin molds for sinks, counters and crap. he also does full body casts recreating the civil war or something, strange i know. he is the biggest fucking pothead ever. talk about short term memory! this guy is a fucking crazy and a riot! he acts kinda out of it at times, but he's really smart. when we were at the beauty bar, we were sitting and chatting, when this dumb old skank comes up to me and goes are you doing manicures? To which i responded NO. Yes cause i'm asian I must be doing nails right? Does it look like I work there? I can't obviously be just drinking right? wtf bitch! course my guy friend totally picked up on that, and asked me if i wanted his knife so i could go cut her! LOL! Then he was like that's like someone coming up to me and asking me if i'm a lumberjack. yeah he looked scruffy and crap. but he is alert.

Boy drags me another bar. 2A, which is a total dive. the bass on tap was flat. the glass i had had a crack in it, and i think i drank some glass shards. we chatted about the most random stuff ever. had one beer there, had to use the bathroom while this crazy white lady with dreadlocks was waiting on line for the girl bathroom, i went into the guy bathroom and then headed out to yet another bar. Crikey! third bar was the library, and its a bigger dive! the bartender was a busted lindsey lohan! had a Guinness there and proceeded to get fucked up even more! But crazy boy was about to get me kicked out, he TPed the bathroom completely! i was like wtf?! some of us need toilet paper! Then he started smoking inside the bar. Then he was throwing ice at people. then he started drinking someone else's beer! i was like shit i'm so gonna get kicked out of here! crazy time i tell you.

i woke up somehow, the next morning with a cat next to me, wondering wtf happened? woke up, hung over. he's totally crazy. he's the only guy i know that has LED journal in his bathroom instead of porn. though i don't think i'm gonna go drinking with him for a while.

next day was my facebook bday event thing. the original bar was uber crowded and being all pretentious, we moved and ended up elsewhere. it was mostly grad school ppl. a lot more ppl showed up than i had expected. There i proceeded to get shitfaced some more. course i was still hung over a bit, but yes that went away fast. totally shit faced. pictures of me on fb can only give me some idea on what happened. i'm not sure how i got home, but i did somehow. my russian friend called me repeatedly to see if i made it home alive or not. LOL!

Next day, road trip! mind you i'm fucking hung over. mind you i'm about to die, sure lemme get into a car with you freaks and drive up into the snow to nowhere land. talk about burning at both ends. bought some stuff. my jeans now have a nice crusty layer of salt on it. ewie right? god what am i 15? we end up doing donuts in the parking lot, and i proceed to go ugh, i don't feel well.

then today i wake up, and meet my other friends for dimsum. totally burning up in the process. they all stated i looked tired. no shit, i've been totally trashing myself since thursday!

This has been quite a week to say the least.

i'm all greased up, drunk, hung over, tired, and partied out. ANd its not my bday yet! wtf is wrong with me right? I think Monday i'll just sleep in, but everything's gonna kick up again tues and on! and Pink my girl is coming this weekend! w00t! though i'm not sure how everything will play out.

on the 20th is another free yelp event, where there's free booze and finger food. key words, free booze. alright, this month my liver is so gonna die! I'm back ladies!

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Kimberly Tia said...

the adventures of PREY, sounds like someone had a good time, a bad time, and then some... PUWAHAHHAH

oh boy pink's coming to your hood, hang on tight and hang on to your boobage...or she'll do it for you. LMAO!!

Chiara said...

Aww Prey I'm glad things are getting a little better for you!

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow sounds like fun, you deserve it girl!