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Where have I been? Been busy with other stuff plus twitter is so much easier and faster than doing a post. god i'm lazy. i've opened up my twitter again cause honestly i don't care anymore, and i'm way cooler than everyone out there anyways.

i read all 4 of the books. damn i read right? gave me hope and inspiration for what's coming up in my life. Books are better than the movie, and it explained more stuff in detail and stuff. And it reminded me of that unconditional, undying, limitless kind of love that so miss. It reminded me what its like to be alive. Right now I've been just sitting here going through the motions of life. Sell out and make money or hold onto your integrity? who knows? (no that's not my pic)

anyways over the weekend I was playing rockband!!!!

and yes y friend decided to get the bass guitar as no one really has a huge desire to sing. or something like that.

I shall channel the spirit of Flea!

so i was playing all the instruments and singing along. i played for a while, i ended up on the world tour playing for a real tour bus with a bathroom instead of ridding around in a van with a hole in it. LOL. Plus I made my characters totally skanky. The name of the band is Emperor's new Tuesday.


so for some reason he got the cover things on it so it won't be as long when u beat down on it. not sure if it does a whole lot, but whatever. Anyways somehow I ended up playing drums, and doing better than the other n00bs out there. its sad i was able to get the highest was 80%, all the other times i only got 70 something on drums.

i was channeling the spirit of dave grohl and beating down on the skins flaring my hair around like he did in his nirvana days.

ewie i know! i sorta bled onto the drumstick too! lol! the skin wanted to stay on but just couldn't anymore. had to put neosporin on it and a band aid, cause it hurt when it would come in contact with anything

the blisters on this hand aren't as bad as they were 3 days ago. but still ewie. plus my arms were sore and i was totally feeling old. i have new found respect for drummers now. i have no sense of rhythm it seems.

the betsey johnson sample sale was ok, it was snowing and crap so no one wanted to really go out and i went on the last day too.they had shoes! shoes!! and more shoes! course you had to be a weird size like 10 or 5 or 6, everyone else was screwed. but i did manage to get these cute sandals for 5 bucks. and jewelry was 5-15, which decent. I got a sweater dress since its winter. I love how they slashed the prices down, cause they realized they weren't selling anything. it was originally like 75 for an evening dress and 50 for a day dress. that got slashed down 50 for a evening dress and 35 for a day dress. now see that i can live with. sometimes it pays to go at the end instead of the beginning.

denim shoe, yes it was $5! and in my size!

check out the detail carving ont he heel! woot!

earrings! they were $5! i liked them cause they looked cute and all.

apple earrings! yes they look heavy you know?

butterfly ones! though i have no idea how to take out my old ones, well i do, its just that i never put in new ones other than the ones they pierced me with. i know i am so lame right?

necklace I bought, bad picture, too lazy to take another one, its got a bunch of crap on it. we'll go with that

another necklace, belt, keychain thing, not sure what it is really, its super long and got a bunch of crap on it. sorta ridiculous now that i think about it, but hey, i'll figure something out, i mean it says princess on it lol!

My writer's block is starting to phase out a bit, I may be actually able to write something cohesive now. I'm super jealous that I didn't get to go to the pow wow. sigh. BUT i did get PAID by the freelance ppl! FINALLY! Gotta deposit and see if it clears! i'm way happier now. now i can fucking pay off that 800+ credit card balance I've got, and plan for my birthday in style. and plan for cali somewhere along the line.

cause i like to hear muse, and it inspires me to ROCK ON!

and currently new song spinning. god i know like pink says i'm so emo! LOL! sometimes listening to this depressing music makes me happy as it puts me in a new frame of mind, weird I know.

almost xmas time. almost present consumer whorism at its best! I'm heading to my mom's to escape the insanity here. Hope you all have a good holiday season!

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Violet Honeybee said...

ohh that heel is awesome!! I have a shoe like that except the carving is on the side =)

yay muse! I've been listening to "Time is running out" nonstop lol

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow the wood carving is gorgeous...i'm glad you finally got paid!

sophie said...

happy holidays * and i agree the wood carving is gorgeous