jetblue you suck!

trying to buy tix to cali, course jetblue is royally screwing up. to fly there is 125 if i go dec 11 or 12, can we say yay! course coming back costs a shitload! wtf? the cheapest i found it for was 179 which is like a stop over in vegas and i won't get back till like 6 am the next day wtf? course i kept checking, and if i let dec 24 or 23, the it drops down to 179 or something, but still that's a LONG time for me to be in cali, and mooching shamelessly on my friend and i really don't want to be that big of a moocher. but i would be able to go to the pow wow which would make me happy, sigh. decisions. my friend said i could stay as long as i want and come whenever. but i really don't want to be that big of a moocher, i figure a week is good right? but going into 2 weeks is really pushing it. sigh. plus i gotta bring a lot of ramen along cause i can't afford the food in cali. 4 bucks for a hot dog? crazy! besides i wanna save up and go see the ladies at boiling crab! my friend is somewhere in LA, not sure where, will find out more. i would love to see all you lovely ladies, and i would love to go to the pow wow and see the lovely pink, even though shes' like only 3 hours away from where i am currently. i know i am so lame.

Pink have a east cost pow wow! it only costs me 15 bucks to get on the fob bus over to where you are! and then i can go buy more johnny cupcakes! hee hee! ok ladies plz tell me if the above time frame works for you. thanks!

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Fei said...

4 bucks for a hotdog? You trippin! That's what Costco's for. :D Well, if you come you may as well make the trip worth it and go pow wowing too. ;)

MakeupByRenRen said...

u should definitely go!