I'm alive!

Haven't been blogging much lately, considering i've been somewhat busy and hell I'm just twittering away that I don' t have the ability to put together a cohesive and tangible blog post that makes sense. hell i rant too much right?well just a little i guess. taking a break from that, and its kinda refreshing in a weird way. strange how things make you feel better.

Betsey Johnson sample sale, i was totally oblivious to it, again. I know I'm so out of it. maybe i'll stop by friday. the opera ppl want to meet saturday and they say they cut the check! yay! money!

My friend from HK is here and we've done doing silly things together. I'm doing the stupid touristy thing today. god help me. I swear she's gonna drag me to the LED staircase in NYC. I can feel the stupid tourists surrounding me! *gasp*

I <3 muse. I forgot how awesome they are. Yes I've been singing them on my twitter, I'm not massively depressed as I would have been previously. I'm actually better. I hear this song and I get up and want to dance and strut and do a nice striptease. So my inner skank is coming out in this. weird I know.
You will be the death of me! --> about almost every relationship I've had! Ha! I so need a stereo in my shower, so when i sing this out at the top of my lungs it'll be to music.!

alright, i'll have a more cohesive and somewhat put together post with food porn next time around!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

yay sounds like busy equals not having to be around creepy old man!