Happy New Years

and because I am so insanely cool, no not really, I don't have any plans for NYE. *gasp* Im just a normal person. perhaps last year's fiasco with being sprayed with Krystal was a rude awakening that i'm not 21 anymore and i'm chugging along to *gasp* 30. Crikey I'm old. So no plans tonight. Its snowing in nyc right now, that'll be awesome for the tourists standing at times square freezing to death.

So hopefully 2009 will fare better for me as 2008 was just a huge fiasco disaster that should be over already! I don't do resolutions because I find them to be retarded, and cause no one ever really keeps them, but for 2009, i think I'm gonna make a few. 2009 is the year of change for me, cause I can't be here and do this anymore.

So most of my resolutions are pretty shallow. Kinda like, make the effort to make yourself look pretty. Break out the false eyelashes more. find a more natural daytime one too. I'm searching for lashes now as you can see. DUmp the mascara and just go for the fake lashes.
Take better care of the skin cause hell Im getting old. BB cream is working well for me.
Fix the hair, time to make the hair one color, can't be dying my hair all the time like i was 22 again, so much effort and think of the roots. sigh. Though I may just break down and become a redhead.
Dress like a goddamn girl. I got these sweater dresses, gotta get me some tights and wear them out proudly. Time to feel sexy, girly and oh so feminine.
Wear new earrings, as I have been wearing the same studs that I got like over a year ago when I first pierced them.
Think about more body modification. if i'm gonna pierce or get ink, do better research on what exactly it is I want. Not to say that I am looking to put more surgical steel through my body
Learn to apply eyeshadow without looking retarded. this goes with the whole looking like a girl and stuff.

I've also come to terms with the fact that with student loans looming and all these other things in the real world that i can't seem to avoid, that I'm just gonna have to push paper around and temp. I don't care, so what? I'm selling out a bit, I make some $$$ and I can pay off the interest on my loans and travel. I want to travel, I want to go to places where they talk funny english.

My friend in NZ is offering to let me mooch if I fly there. Awesome! HK girl says i can mooch with her for a bit too. My cousin got married to a nice japanese girl in Japan, wonders if I can mooch there too? The point is, 2009 is the year of me mooching, me mooching with friends that live in other places. The one good thing about temping is that its not a perm job and I can take time off and fly with it. My passport expires in like 2013 or something. Might as well get some use out of it. Time to drop the stupid pretenses of it all, i'm getting older and guess what? i'm still acting like a goddamn 21 year old, so i'm gonna just let everything fall where it may. Screw logic, screw sanity, screw being responsible. I gotta have fun while there's time left!

Happy New Years don't get too wasted now. just remember roll over onto your stomach or have someone do that for you before you pass completely out and get shaving cream placed all over your body. The above image was created by my friend who is a talented artist.

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Kimberly Tia said...

happppppy new year pretty lady!!!!!
hope you're 2009 will be just as fabulous as yourself!!!!

Violet Honeybee said...

Happy new years!!! ^-^ I wanna to go NY to see the big ball drop but I don't think I want to fight through the crowds and freeze my ass off for it.. so I'll happily watch it from the comfort of my home lol.

Temp jobs what are they like? o.o

MakeupByRenRen said...

happy new year! lemme know if you need help with the false lashes into 2009 ;)