Gluttony at is best!

Turkey, and more turkey, and then some. with some family drama, there was no giant extended family day. but its ok, went to my mom's had turkey, played wii fit and was happy to get away from it all. I have been inspired to make another vid, cause its always fun to make fun of ppl, obviously. and i know a lot of you have asked WHO exactly it is I'm spoofing. i'll tell you soon enough! but if you must know right now email me! LOL!

the weekend was pretty chill, i ended up going back to my mom's house to chill, and play wii fit and relax. Things are so much easier when you don't have some creepy old man staring at you all the time. Plus eating food from home that's actually washed and bug free is a good thing. i'm so glad that i wasn't here when judgmental i'm better than you inlaws showed up. i need that as much as i need to be stabbed in my neck.

I'm suppose to pick up flan from a friend today, who's flight has been delayed severely. Flan! the fun custardy dessert!

Sunday my friends and I went to this crepe place around st marks. god its good to be on yelp. all these reviews, and I'm one of them! LOL! so we went to this place called the Crooked Tree. They make crepes there, not as good as Paris obviously, but still good. their portion sizes suck though, we had a savory crepe and then a sweet crepe and were still hungry! wtf?!

it was dark in there

the decor inside

lemonade! it was SOUR! just the way i like it!

olde brooklyn soda!

special of the day!

my crepe, small portions and a salad

cafe au latte

my special crepe, mango, chocolate and almonds with ice cream!

grand marnier with strawberries, coconut and on FIRE!

obviously after eating all that, we were still hungry, so what do we do? we walk up the block to the dumpling man! yes! second course! and this is the same dumpling man that was in the dumpling turf wars with the plump dumpling. LOL! i can't make that stuff up!

dumpling man!


cute menu

the spread!

pork dumplings. the skin is a bit thick for my taste, but the filling is quite good!

close up of pork dumplings!

sweet dumplings! inside was pumpkin, goji berries and other stuff. tastes like a pumpkin pie in a dumpling.

hmmm pumpkin pie in a dumpling the goji berries create a tart taste

inside the pork dumpling, quite yummy.

the veggie dumpling is good, but all you can taste is the tofu. they have kimchi dumplings too,b ut it has egg in it. they cater ot vegan needs and such. but whatever. they cook all the dumplings on teh same steamer/grill so go figure. tastes good regardless.

after that, we were stuffed! gluttony at its best! LOL! hope you enjoyed the food porn!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

mmmm new yorkers are so lucky!

Gee said...

dumplings look quite tasty!!!