Cali you're killing me!

Oh california, you're totally killing me slowly. Remember that bruce lee foundation job i had applied to and was calling about? and they weren't calling me back? Remember that? well i realized a few things about them. Sorry Bruce but your foundation is being run by a bunch of fucktards. the guy totally DID NOT listen to my vm at ALL! All he heard was i'm in nyc right now, not in cali, and that translated into i'm not in nyc and i'm not going to la anytime soon, even though I left him my number several times asking him to call me so i can schedule an interview! RETARD! how the fuck does this person have a job there? i had to email this other lady and she told me thats what was happening. I emailed her back stating that there was a HUGE miscommunication because i stated I was in NYC for the holidays hello turkey day! but i was interested in the position still! the idiot woman replies to me on her blackberry stating that the position was not filled yet and asks me how are they going to interview me? I was like WTF? Are you a retard? I responded that I was serious about this position and that I was going to fly out there to be interviewed, however I had called repeatedly and did not get a response about an interview time! they were ignoring my vms and calls and emails at this point, thereby denying me a chance to interview for this position. I was clearly pissed off. what kind of stupid crap is this?

I called the idiot guy back again today, asking him to call me again. retard. he finally calls back going oh i misunderstood, wtf? i was speaking english you know! i gave my number for a reason! fucking retard! then he tells me oh they've interviewed ppl and are gonna make a decision. I told him i was going to fly out and interview, and he was like we're making a decision in a few days. and i was like how many days? i can't exactly get on a plane tomorrow you know, kinda short notice you know? considering i called you and left you vms and left my number you retard! i asked him point blank what are my chances do i have a shot? he's a retard cause he clearly didn't read my resume at all. and he goes dur i dunno. then he gives me the biggest BS ever, oh we're expanding and we will be hiring next year and i'll keep your resume. OMFG! you're a complete retard! how are you even there? and the other woman! how is she there?! dear god! seriously wtf is going on over there?! Bruce your foundation is being run by retards and probably into the ground. i hope you're watching from where you are and spite them for their absolute stupidity!

ugh. anyways, looking at airfare to cali, 134 on jetblue but only on days not near xmas, close to xmas the prices jumps to 300! wtf?! i'm so ready to relocate to cali. cali ladies, help me out here. i need to find a job! and a new pad, and i can be frolicking along in the sun

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Gee said...

Those Bruce Lee ppl sound COMPLETELY retarded!

Dude, my little sister's Thanksgiving ticket was $500 -_- Gouging bastards!

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow i dont think you want to work for them..they seem slightly incompetant...but you should definitely relocate, i think cali sun is calling you!

Sorina said...

Hi I am new to your blog and I just wanted to say how much I’m loving it