we're getting shitfaced!

ok, so drinking thai beer with an elephant on it wasn't the greatest thing to do. i admit that. i got clearly shitfaced monday night. i also got ditched by someone, and when one door closes another one opens! i met 3 cool ppl. they are all elite, whatever that means, i'm not quite sure. so over at yelp.com i write a bunch of reviews of stuff, nothing major. i was just writing it since i had that horrible time at this retard restaurant that was totally overhyped. I wrote some more reviews, which I guess were funny and stuff, so after a while they offered me elite status. so i get invited to these events and such. anyways free booze and food, and i ate pheasant so i'm happy with that.

I got the internship at comicspace dot com. they're all for the independent comic book ppl. its unpaid sigh. but i get to meet ppl and contacts, and create a niche for myself in comic book world. i make podcasts.

i also interviewed for this web production position for this indie film company. they only focus on indie films. i'm an indie person now. this one is a 5 week gig, 2K compensation. not bad, right? let's see how it works out, they're still interviewing and stuff.

i am so write up the ring tone tutorial up now. but i was having too much fun playing with the isight i got! yes! i get to webcam whore myself around! no we're not putting this on youtube, goddan there are too many freaks out there. I'm only gonna post it here, and you should follow me on twitter as I post more private stuff there, like other vids i do!

Anyways being that i am using my powers for evil, I made a silly impersonation vid of some dumb girls out there. No its no one from here, remember i had some twama? yeah well being that i can't sling poo, i'm just gonna make fun of them and laugh, and hopefully you'll laugh, and then i can go back to webcamera whoring.

i lost the first take i did, which was way more spontaneous and funny. that headband i wore gave me a headache. don't ask me for the link to her channel. she "talks" bout stupid shit not related to makeup and thinks she's so punk. LAME!

this is a reference to some twama i had. she's pretty ignorant and so she's not funny, just a stank ass bitch.

if you're offended u have no sense of humor, cause you know i'd be slinging poo instead. onto rintgtones!

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Fei said...

Vita don Teese!

ainstein said...

LMAO! i love the videos u totally need to do more =D

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You made my day.