Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey day!

How was your day? I hope you get to spend time with those you want to be with, and enjoy a good turkey and such. I am currently at my mom's house away from the insanity. We had turkey and a few other things. I forgot my camera due to much drama and stupidness. But I won't rant about that today.

I used my camera phone to take a few pics, and I made cupcakes. Saw Transporter 3. Jason Statham is cut. You know he worked out 15 hours a day for 3 months before filming, and he looks GOOD. the ginger in the movie with the bad acting and accent really ruined the movie for me. but whatever. he's nice eye candy. did he ever have hair?

Hope you had a good one! Thanks to RenRen for mentioning me! I'm thankful for all you wonderful internet ladies. you keep me laughing, and sane and make me feel human and not insane. Psycho stalkers not included in this warm group hug. stalking is cool unless you're hot.

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loveSHARA said...

Meowz. Happy Turkey Day to you too, lady!

Oh Jason, Jason, I think at one point. . he did have hairz.