Sephora's FF is upon us now. and luckily i still have that gift card my friend gave me! and there's still enough $$$ on it, about 75 bucks worth! yay! now what to buy!? lol. i know here i am a broke ass bitch and i'm thinking about what to buy! though one thing i do need to get is a good winter moisturizer for the winter with a nice spf in it. the summer neutragena lotion isn't really working well for me in the cooler months you know? any suggestions?

i'm taking out all my un used or barely used makeup and stuff and gonna take pics and post them up cause space is crowded and stuff's got to go. sigh. so sad. sending out my resume never seemed so important until now.

Even though change is on the way, and in the air, things still don't look good or up for me. all i can do is just try to get by.

my current living arrangement is less than bearable at times.

not really when there's a creepy old man here...rant about that later.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

i'm about to sell some of my old makeup too girl...i think philosophy has a moisturizer with spf in it that i was looking at

Roxy said...

lucky! i wish i had a gift card! i'm waiting til the last day of F&F so i don't spend as much cause i know a lot of things will sell out LOL!

jie jie said...

i cannot part with my makeup! since the hurricane, i haven't unpacked most of my makeup, and when i did, i was surprised i have that much. but this sephora ff is tempting me to get pretty stuffs!!! last year i had a giftcard, this year it's all oout of my pocket and (mommy's lol). how low my pride has gone for the sake of my obsession. and they're all staples!

i'm on the search for a good moisturizer myself. i've used DDF products before, so I'm eyeing their moisturizers and toners.

hey, hope the job-hunting and living situation works out somehow.