sephora haul

last haul of the year or for a while, ordered sunday and got it finally today! damn they sure knew how to take their sweet ass time!

sephora whitening skin care kit

the inside of the box so you can see the product!

murad kit. damn did they really need to put in all that paper crap? gonna make a mess when i take it out!

free samples! anti wrinkle emulsion, whatever that means. some fancy smancy mascara and shampoo condition and stuff.

in other news, i'm pretty tired and drained. i can't really say anything insightful or witty. i'm pretty tired of everything. relationships suck. everything sucks.

i forgot that i had mentioned i was going to do a how to make your own ringtones for your phone. i'll do it in the next entry that is if i don't get too distracted by twitter.

2 stalkers:

Gee said...

OHHH and AHHH...

I want to try Shiseido skincare! :P

Where are the rest of my orders?!?!!? -_-;;; I'm so impatient.

MakeupByRenRen said...

awww take a break out for yourself hon!