make your own ringtones!

ok, i keep forgetting about this post. i started making my own ringtones in grad school, cause by then my phone could do mp3 rings instead of the stupid midi ones. there are a few things that i do pay for and ringtones isn't one of them. You should know how to get stuff on and off ur phone cause i don't know what phone you have, but you should know how it works.

I use Audacity to edit the sound files, because its free and pretty easy to use. Its cross platform so there. you can use peak if you want, but thats for people who actually know what they're doing. LOL

so go get audacity. take whatever song it is that you want, and dump it in there. That is File > open, and this is where you select the song. and it will dump it in. You should see this.

hit the play button so you can hear ur song. now you just select the areas you don't want with your mouse and delete it. you should be left with the section that you do want in your ring tone. plz note don't make your selection too long as your phone doesn't ring the entire song, you want the part of the song to play when your phone rings that you enjoy best. Simple and easy right?

Ok here's the hard part. go to File > export as mp3. easy enough right? pick where you want it to go, that is where to save. its on your computer now. Now its up to you to figure out how to get it on your phone.

Course if you're like me, your LAME library is screwed up and it won't export as mp3. BOO! Cause of that I end up having to do an extra step. File >export wave. you have a wave file. save it somewhere you'll remember. Open up Itunes. If you don't have itunes then I have no idea how you're getting your music these days. or playing it, plz don't say you're using winamp! So in Itunes (damn I hate the new updated version) dump the wave file into your itunes.
file > add to library. now your wave is in itunes chilling. Select it. Got Advanced > convert to mp3. There it is now an mp3. Yes the sound quality crap thing won't be as great considering you're saving and resaving and converting it a bunch. but yeah it works. there's ur custom ring tone. any song you want, or any phrase you want. u an record diretly into audacity, i suggest using a mic.

yes i know i should have put in more pictures. blah!

added a vid of my ringtones. I think maybe I should do a vid tutorial on how to make these ringtones if there is any confusion, since typing this all out may seem too dense, plus i don't have a lot of pics and ppl don't like to read just watch and follow.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

wow, look at u! our little beauty tech guru, he he...oh and i havent tried royal gelly but it sounds interesting enough to try! next time i'm at target i'll take a looksey

jie jie said...

You're aiming for being all-around guru? thanks! I was just thinking about figuring out how to do this! I end up picking songs with good beginning instead.