last haul and I'm alive!

Things have been somewhat crazy. being that i'm seriously and completely broke and eating crappy instant noodles and living with his parents, ugh, yes it just gets worse and worse doesn't it? yes things get worse each day. the economy is in the toilet and we're all turds floating around.

And being that I was saving up my sephora gift card that I got for my birthday months ago, I finally used it for the sephora FF sale! yay! i had 18 cents left on the gift card. not bad, free shipping, more free samples, i'm a sephora insider and they gave me another deluxe size sample.

I got this murad gift set, cause it was 35 bucks, it came with a spf moisturizer, eye cream with spf, lip balm with spf, and a water bottle. i needed a moisturizer with spf in it.

I got this shisehdo whitening kit. i'm pretty sure it won't make me pale, but its not bad. moisturizer with spf, heavier for the winter, reviews seem to be pretty decent, they all say you don't need a lot of product so the stuff would last a bit longer.

Got a bunch of samples, not sure when it will get here, but over all that's it for me for a while. skincare wise. make up wise, i haven't really worn much makeup. eyebrow pencil or powder, eyelash curler sometimes mascara, lip balm, moisturize and nuetragena's sunblock and that's it for me. so sad i know. sometimes i use the shu umera colorless loose powder for shine and a lipgloss but that's it. so sad. gotta take pics of my makeup and do a garage sale!

much love to xpinkx for her rec on nivea products! being that i am a broke ass bitch now, this is what i'm using, its very moisturizing to say the least. its not very easy to work with though, you have to really work it in to your skin but dan it works good. and the lip balm is pretty awesome, just wish it had spf in it, but yeah overall its working well on me!

living arrangements totally sucks. constant nagging, constant tension and stress. i HATE the fact that there is some dirty old creepy man that STARES at me all the fucking time. totally creeps me out. like you know, not the i'm looking to see what you're doing more like i'm fucking staring cause you're a zoo animal and i'm having pervy thoughts. Sits there on the couch watches TV at the loudest volume so no one can hear anything, sits there and stares at you if you go to the bathroom, staring as you walk in, staring as you walk out, staring when you go to the kitchen, staring like creepy! WTF?! let's not get into the whole i can stare cause i'm old excuse or the oh i'm old so i can miss the toilet and make a mess and NOT clean up and just walk out. EWIE! the bathroom smells of putrid urine! it's so horrible, there is enema residue on the toilet seat! if you miss the toilet, and you KNOW you miss the toilet why don't you fucking SIT down and go or fucking wear a diaper! and what's worse is that he doesn't wash his hands! WTF?! EWIE! NASTY! WTF?! and then he likes to cook. cook what? wrinkled old creepy man dick flavored food?! can you see why i'm fucking pissed off?

With all this drama, you wonder why i'm crazy angry? i swear i cannot make this stuff up, nor can i make up all the other stuff that happens. I think i'm gonna write a play about it.

anyways the rants keep coming, but here are my paul frank slippers, one of the few things that make me happy right now. Too tired and annoyed at a lot of things. cramped spaces, barely enough space to breathe or do anything.

next entry i'll blog about how to make your own ringtones...:P

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MakeupByRenRen said...

awww ur slippers make me happy too...don't worry girl, stick it through, it'll get better

Chiara said...

Awww that sucksss! Who is this creepy old man you speak who lives in your home? Did your parents rent out a room or something?

xppinkx said...


we can rub uglies next to each other...and sniff each other and pretend we are babies...

i know that shit is like glue to work into...but man...

a trick i do to make it apply easy is do it right after a shower when your skin is a bit wet you dont have to use as much...and it spreads easier...