its coming and going

yes it does say cattle sex organ!

I met up with my friend today for lunch, this time shabu shabu. she was having an urge for something oily, so it was shabu shabu or korean bbq. being i'm a broke ass bitch i went for the hot pot.



this place was in the basement, and totally hidden. and it was next door to a funeral home.

Tonight at midnight is the release of the WoW expansion, warth of the lich king. I'm not standing on line at best buy with my crazy friends, instead i'm elsewhere. not really wanting to dwell on things that happened which are negative, I had to get out. Even if it is temporary.

Retards called me early this morning to ask how to use wordpress and how to put pictures in. its really not that hard dude. and you really didn't need to call me that early for it. course you did fuck up the page, and i fixed it only to have you fuck it up again. seriously dude, wtf, are you really that dense? i mean its not really that hard! really!

There was some serious fighting here in the militant state of inlaws. breaking of stuff, throwing of stuff, screaming and yelling. course that would result in a creepy old man lining the bathroom floor with urine. if you cant use the toilet sit on it or wear a diaper. let's not forget the pile of USED anemia, yes USED piled up in the medicine cabinet. yes that made me take everything out of the bathroom.

or that time i tried to eat and you STARED at me the entire time. STARE at me while i put something into my mouth and chew, STARE at me when i reach to get another piece of food, STARE at me while I breathe. its overall very creepy. or when i was washing the dish i used to eat cereal, how you decided to sit there in the kitchen, have the nerve to reach over to where i was to pick up a mug with tea in it and sit down and watch me wash the dish. I stopped and walked away. that is UBER creepy! I mean is it just me?! and NO i cannot make this up. i really can't!

Or the time i was sick and you insisted that i get up and eat with everyone at the table. or how when i drank your soup probably made with ur dirty i don't wash my hands after using the bathroom hands, i choked, yes choked. To which your creepy dirty old man eye's stared at me in a judgmental way, and then had the fucking nerve to go, when you cough you should cover your mouth. You know, i was CHOKING! thanks for your concern, and btw whenever you cough, you are too lazy and use the excuse you are old so you don't cover your mouth and you cough and sneeze with your mouth WIDE open and turn your head to the side. so thanks for spreading your germs all over the room. You clearly are in NO position to to lecture me or tell me what to do when you yourself are unable to cover your own mouth or use the toilet properly!

ok i ranted,i kinda let that out a little. been fighting too much overall. sigh. hormones are out of whack. my hair is falling out due to this bc. ok, gonna stop taking it. i'm gonna be like a retarded freshman in college who has no idea on what's going on. like spinning the wheel and wondering if my period will come or not.

feel somewhat inspired to write something again. ok i'm kinda out of it. we'll just post up more food porn.

thai food lunch special!

thai ice tea

fried watercress and seafood

spicy papaya salad

noodles and stuff

chicken basil, garlic and spices

food was from siriaphri in woodside, queens a few weeks ago.

yes i'm very unhappy. and yes this is only a temporary solution. but right now that's all i got.

PS also to the person who decided to leave an add for her blogshop, next time it would be a little bit more i dunno polite to just contact me rather than just go around and spam ppl's cboxes. just a thought. If you wanted a link all you had to do was ask.

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loveshara said...

.. your food porn makes me orgasm with good feelings inside. :D

and gl w/ haggard old man. :[

Gee said...

Ah, sorry to hear about the living situation! Hope it remedies quickly!

FOOD PORN!! I was doing SO WELL on low carb...for like over month, then I just BROKE. Now I'm trying again but it's so damn hard...

I LOVE CARBS. that's such a fat thing to say...but oh well. I LOVE CARBS.

Fei said...

Your creepy man rants make me feel like I'm reading a manga. Helps that you've got cartoons to accompany your ranting. YAY food! Boo sex organs...

sophie said...

1.take some fish oil pills for ur hair~ 2. STARE his ass BACK 3. plz tell me where that thai place is omg i hav been craving some good thai

ps. la mei blechhh>>ghetto and the soup bases suck~! hav u been 2 little lamb yet?

Anonymous said... is yummy.... in-laws...yeah my Husband wouldn't last more than a week with mine! Just take a plane to can hang out with me and watch Californication! DAMN MIA is a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOORE....nasty beyotch

MakeupByRenRen said...

man girl that sucks about the living you have a plan to get out?

loveshara said...

shoe porn, yes. we do need that. :D