Halloween, Super Tuesday and Drama

Did you vote? Cause I did! Oddly enough went back to my old elementary school to vote. i'm in district 60! Course being that I live in a predominately asian community everyone had flyers for the asian people running, whether or not they new the issues wasn't important. ugh. i went, and the line was 3 people but incredibly slow for some reason. go figure. and there was a guy showing everyone how to use the voting machine. the guy infront of me was with his gf and didn't vote which made no sense cause he spent all the time waiting! there was some new proposition that was rather lengthy but one should take the time to read it!

I heard some stupid reasons why people didn't vote for "the black man" besides being incredibly racist. Yes there were others. like he's too young, and one i heard was the reason they voted for mccain was cause he was in the army. strange I know. so here i am watching the news watching the votes come in. I read this story and was moved by it. Voting is something we take for granted, some of us go what's the point? our vote doesn't count. yes it does. every vote counts. And in that story these were homeless people who had no home, no income, and they waited on line to vote. that was like wow. some were voting for the first time ever, they wanted to be part of history. and for those of you that sat home and did nothing shame on you! if a homeless guy who has nothing, no food, no clothes, no house, can get up and stand on line, a long line to vote, what the hell is your excuse? oprah was on? i bet mccain wasn't expecting homeless people to come out and vote!

ok added, i'm late with this blog i know, yes there is a black man in the white house. Get over it people! its not the 1800's its not the 1900's its fucking 2000's time to MOVE ON! time to move with the times! also, props to MA, xpinkx's state cause they for gay marriage, let's see if cali does too.

alright halloween...worst one ever...

this is me on halloween. at aroma. no i don't usually look like that. you can try to guess what my costume is.

anyways, the train wasn't running because some retard decided to jump onto the tracks at the first stop. Awesome right? no train into the city, this is the ONLY train i can take so i have to take the railroad which costs 8 bucks. i rush there and there's a HUGE long line cause retards don't know how to use the machine, even though its touch screen and pretty simple. People are confused, bratty kids are screaming and whining as they're trying to go to all the stores, bratty teenagers were holding up the line. i was so annoyed beyond belief, and finally then 2 cops come by and go yes you can take the train for free, the mta acknowledges they're retards and u can ride the railroad for free. i run in my costume to get to the train, while idiots are walking slowly confused. i run like crazy in my costume still wearing knee high boots i haven't worn in a year and fishnet stockings and a mini skirt that's shredded up doesn't leave much to the imagination while you're charging up the stairs.

i make it to the train, these weirdos start staring. first being the FATTEST wonderwoman I've ever seen. And the UGLIEST supergirl ever too, btw supergirl is not pink and white, get that right. So these two are eating an entire pizza while on the train! and not only that they were talking about what cruise to go on so they can continue to eat. stop staring at me bitch yes i'm not as fat as you cause i'm not eating a whole pizza! then his old fat guy is talking to himself, and this indian woman who must have some lesbian fetishes cause she kept staring at me, in a creepy way, like wtf? stop staring at me freak! so not into you! yes there's a wolf's head in my basket and it can be yours soon! fuck off freak!

too many fucktards running around the city, as i tried to get on the train to head down town to meet my friends. yeah friday was also the day they dropped the bomb on my so, yeah after 8 years, you're the first on the chopping block, nice to know you. bye. yeah nice right?

ok food porn

inside aroma

10 veggie soup, very hearty


yummy sandwiches!

awesome hot chocolate

there was only one bathroom there, and ugly bitches kept on walking and pretending to not see the line of 5 ppl there and proceed to cut the line and try to get into the bathroom, yes bitch its locked, yes bitch there's a line, and no you're not cutting us, BITCH!

I was carrying my bag with a spare change of clothes inside cause i thought i was gonna meet someone for a midnight showing of nightmare before xmas. but i won't get into that. it went back and forth into you're a bitch fight. ugh. not cool, esp when i'm walking around the goddamn city in my costume, and heels that i haven't worn in forever, my feet heart, my back ached from carrying the bag, and i was just annoyed and pissed off at the dumbfucks around me and bumping into me. i was like WTF? keep your hands to yourself asshole! course when you turn around they're gone, like wtf? If you're gonna be a perv, you owe me the right to fucking yell at you and kick your fucking ass! i wasn't even trying to see the parade cause there were just too many idiots walking around. it took forever to get past the crowds to get to the train stations. and there ppl were stupid and didn't know how to use the atm machine, even though its touch screen and it comes in many different languages, but still people were stupid, and i missed the train! omg i was so pissed, dumbfuck! when u say you want to put $2 on your metrocard you have to put in $2 american dollars! by the time i was able to get money on the metro card the train passed, i waited forever, tired and cranky and fucking annoyed at the dumbfucks around. getting back was horrid, i was tired and cold and achey. i got NO candy, and no i didn't go to brooklyn, rather live in alaska with palin than do that. i won't get into the other shit that happened cause i just don't want to think about it anymore!

Halloween is my christmas, and yeah it wasn't fun, and i didn't get candy, meanwhile someone i know is giving out old candy, old hard sucking candy from like 3 years ago. like wtf? do you know kids can get sick from that? why don't you just buy new candy from this year! cause when one kid gets sick then what? then you'll throw out the fucking candy? wtf?

the day after i went to a halloween party. yes the day after i know. i changed at my friend's house and forgot my fishnet stockings, and i couldn't walk around with no hose on, i needed to be covered up in my costume. its not really that skanky, but i wanted some barrier there. for some reason a drop of water got right on my eye, and my false eyelashes on that eye started to come off, great just fucking great. i don't have eyelash glue on me. we go to 2 drugstores and NONE of them have any or anything remotely close to it! and yes more fat ugly bitches are looking at me in costume. or maybe my friend cause he's bleeding all over. literally. i end up buying these shitty nyc lashes that said they were self adhesiving or some shit. it didn't, and half of it looked like it was gonna fall off, i was pretty fucking pissed. i had to put on my pantyhose at a dirty dunkin donuts bathroom. i was so annoyed. i was like why can't i just have one fucking night of fun?

we hit the party, its in the basement of some dude's apt with a giant head. it was pretty cool, decorated nice, coat check, dj, open bar, where i proceeded to get amazingly shit faced, cause you know, i had a hard day and a hard time getting there. shit faced is good!

me at the party, like my basket?

me in my costume, yes i look creepy hee hee. see the red covers my butt!

zombie drinking...

anyways there was some bitch at the party, not in costume, that was a belligerent cunt to my friend. yes she was, and yes she was asian too! like wtf is your problem? you're lame and sad cause you have no friends, no social life, no man, you stay at work till 10pm every night cause you lack i dunno friends doesn't mean you have to be bitter to everyone around you! smoking up like crazy and then phlegming up your lung is not attractive. and yeah if you like took care of yourself, maybe tweeze those busy eyebrows, exfoliate ur skin, cut your hair to give it a style, maybe wear some MSF and lipgloss, curl ur lashes maybe you wouldn't like like a stank bitter bitch. and checking me out and trying to size me up will only make you look more fatter and inadequate. Yes bitch i'm thinner than you, yes bitch i look better than you, and yes bitch i'm gonna smack you if you don't stop staring. you're just lucky i drank a lot and are too happy to get angry or care.

afterwards i went to watch a midnight show of nightmare on elm street, damn that was cheesy and bad, and you had to be drunk to see that. seriously.

i waited forever for the train to come, forever. and when i did, i had to transfer to my train. so at this point i'm wearing jeans and sneakers cause i changed a bit in the movie theatre. i started taking off parts of my costume and txting people when this short guy starts talking to me, its some weird asian guy with giant headphones on and he's talking to me and i don't think anything of it. i'm txting my friends, twitter and everything while this is happening.

dwarf boy : i like your style
me : um ok thanks
dwarf boy: i really like your style
me: its just a costume
dwarf boy: oh ok you come back from a party?
me: yeah
dwarf boy: oh i think i saw you yesterday
me: ???
dwarf boy: (trying to act suave) i was in a book store yesterday...no just stay with me, and i was in this section reading about angels and i saw your picture in it
me: no that's NOT my costume (txts friend CALL ME NOW!)
dwarf boy: oh you sure its not you? (greasily tries to move closer)
me: yeah I'm sure
dwarf boy: cause you know-
(cell phone rings, quickly answers it)
dwarf boy doesn't get clue and hangs around, i'm so not getting off the phone. and plz go away. he walks around me, circling me like a shark. the train finally comes, he's so intent on getting in the same cart as me. the doors open and he walks in, i quickly run to the next cart. ew. who the hell uses a line like that? who the hell thinks that would ever work? he had the weirdest voice ever, and on top of that, he was WAY shorter than me, i'm like no, you don't have a chance, plz stop talking to me. i'm so not interested. and the big bad wolf is gonna come here and beat ur ass if you don't leave me alone! ugh!

anyways i get home to proceed throwing my stuff into a large bag for my mom's house. don't ask.

i found out some more drama about my family today while my mom took my out to lunch and then a quick stop at grandma's house. well a not so short stop. no need to rant about that, but in the end, i do realize that some ppl are just brats by nature and some ppl just go with the flow. some people will never spend a cent on you, even if they have tons of $$$, while poor grandma sits with a leaky roof while you go out and buy coach shoes. ok maybe i will rant about it. point is, don't be so ungrateful and such a mooch and a brat, and have the nerve to insult someone's cooking when you go out, hang out late, drink way too much, are too obsessed with trying to get a man and are too self absorbed to look at the big picture. you're living in my grandma's house don't be a leech and don't think for a second that she'll ever leave her house to you! EVER!

apple is full of fucktards, after they sent me back my laptop with new case, keyboard, touch screen and crap, it doesn't connect to the internet, like wtf? i spend 96 min on the phone with these idiots. the first two are from india who don't fucking understand anything, i repeated the serial number to them repeatedly and they didn't get it, like omfg, why are u outsourcing to india where they don't understand anything? and what is the point of me giving you my serial number if the next retard is going to ask for it again and again? seriously what is the point? you're all fucking stupid. and the worst was the 2nd guy was like thank you for choosing dell. WTF? he comes back on and goes oh wait i mean apple. WTF? and i hear the shittiest indian music ever, wtf? why am i on hold for this long? the third guy was a complete retard and was reading off cue cards. he had NO idea what he was doing, he was like can i put you on hold while i do research? WTF? omg! he was a complete tool. he made me restart over and over again, and he didn't get that the internet worked, the internet worked cause my other computer was connected and fine, and you know what? my laptop that i've had for almost 4 years never gave me any problems until i sent it to you guys to be fixed. you changed the case and crap and you probably fucked up my wifi port, you probably fucked it up, and the guy kept insisting that oh its software. he gave me the lame excuse of oh your software is the problem. and i had to explain the entire thing to him, to which he was clearly too stupid to understand cause he was reading off cue cards. your power cord doesn't have anything to do with ur wifi. no asshole! listen! the power cord tried to kill itself, i sent my laptop in to see if it was fried or not. you guys sent it back in a disgusting condition. i sent it back and the case and etc was replaced, i get it back and my wifi doesn't work, mind you it worked fine before they fucked with it! he kept stating it was my software that when they changed some hardware in the laptop that the software may not recognize the computer, wtf? are u making shit up now? you think i'm fucking stupid? at the end i sort just lost it. every time i send you guys my laptop there's another issue, you guys break something, and it needs to get fixed. he then has the nerve to tell me its not covered by my warranty. I was like so pissed. WTF? you expect me to pay for something that YOU guys broke when i sent it to you to get fixed?! Are you fucking out of your mind? he was like a broken record, i was like you guys broke it when you changed the case, its NOT software, fucking fix it! he was like its not covered under warranty. my response? i want to talk to your supervisor. he got a little worried to say the least, and put me on hold forever the little prick, but guess what? ur supervisor actually has a brain, and we spoke and he sent a box to get my laptop repaired. there, simple as that. you guys broke it, you guys fix it. what's so fucking hard about that? maybe that's why you're in customer service! fucktards!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

yay u wore red lipstick and it looked good on you girl! ewww at teh weird dwarf man :( sorry you had a sucky night

Fei said...

The red riding hood costume looks great! Too bad Halloween was shitty for you. At least you did stuff. Mine was uber boring...

SUGABUM said...

Awww, you were the cutest Disney princess EVERRR!!! Haha, just kidding.

LOL about the dwarf boy. I don't know what I'd do. Your lucky you were in an area of the train station with phone reception!

And OMG customer service phone calls. Don't even get me started on that. I loved the "Thank you for choosing Dell" part, haha.

Vanessa said...

what a cute costume!