drama + more drama

I really hate being broke, and i really hate being here. with that said. I saw Zack and Miri over the weekend, which was pretty funny. God i needed humor. That and watching superman walk around with the mac guy being gay porn stars was AWESOME! I'm sure warner brothers was super happy about that!

I applied for this internship with some comic place. i interviewed with them today and they said yes we want you to work here, help us with the podcasts and websites and stuff. ok cool. here's the hitch, its an unpaid internship. ARGH! ok not that bad do it for a month, create a comic book nitch, i did intern at DC Comics previously, and now this so yeah comic book nitch.

got a response from this indie film company who needs help on their website. however they're not saying anything about stipend but want to meet me. ok. when we meet we'll talk about $$$. all these indie ppl are responding to me. maybe i'll be indie girl.

friend hooked me up with an isight, so webcaming here i come!

the freelance ppl are totally retarded and cannot use wordpress to save their life!

they also don't understand that you can't just add more pictures to the flash slideshow and then next week, just have 4 pictures. doesn't work like that! pick ONE number and stick to it, i'm not fucking updating that shit every week. they also have NO idea how to do a fucking post! fuck! they always go into write a new page and that fucks up everything on the page. then they freak out and go what happened to the page? why isn't it showing? did you put in post or page? page. I TOLD you NOT to do that! Do NOT touch page, you are ONLY allowed to write in post! WTF! and then the guy who hasn't paid me is fucking pushing this sight live and wants everything on it, geez, maybe if you didn't have incompetent retards working there, or changing the site layout into a completely retarded thing then maybe it would be ok. i'm just saying. fuck. kept calling me all weekend, called me this morning repeatedly AND during my interview. so glad the phone was in vibrate, then called when i got out of the meeting! i was like WTF? I am NOT infront of a computer. will you fucking calm down! the retards don't understand that the pictures must be a certain dimension to fit into the table i put on the page so they can't fuck it up, but somehow they manage to fuck that up too, or delete the table! even if i did make a backup for them i'm sure they'll fuck that up too. retards!

anyways i got invited to this tangine tasting thing, i write for yelp and apparently they turned me into an elite and i get invited to these events so i'm gonna go and check it out.

i'm also a guinea pig for bumble and bumble again. you know let them cut your hair for free, they apparently do highlights and hair color now. hey even better! i've got a bunch of haircuts from them before so they're not crackheaded. and in the end, hair grows.

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loveshara said...

i wanna be a guinea pig for hair stylist, i'm sick of my hair. momz won't let me dye it .. but i can shred it to pieces, fun. and just hair growz.

i'm sorry that you have to deal w/ computer retardz. i have to deal with snobby retardz. the lover is an
IT guy so i hear what he has to deal w/ those computer n00bs.

zack & miri make a porno, hmms.. will wait for dvd to come out and then i'll watch it. heard it was quite funny though

Fei said...

The comic internship sounds interesting. So does the film thing, indie or not. lol.

WEBCAMMING. Are we going to get vlogs now?? :D

Gee said...

Zack and Miri looks hilarious! I want to see it.

I hope you get the indie gig! And sounds extra cool cos you can say indie. I am a nerd :P

I need a haircut too and free would be great!

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow people are so daft sometimes, lol...seems like everybody needs you over there, now they better pay up!