consumer whores

I slept through black friday and kinda glad I did. People just pissing away money on crap that they don't really need, but getting it just cause they can, and because they want it bigger, faster, brighter, flatter, lighter, etc. Are we that materialistic? maybe. though this comes from being a broke ass bitch, but honestly when i looked out there, it was like do i really need a HD plasma tv? probably not. do i really need to piss away 1k on a new laptop that is 100 bucks off cause the apple man teases us? no. my old skool powerbook is still chugging along. *knocks on wood* I love you powerbook. dont ever leave me!

SoCal ladies please explain this! Seriously who brings a gun to Toys R Us? Then who starts fighting with each other in that store and causes the other person to bleed? esp when you have kids with you? why would you have a gun and kids together? are we in tx? or alaska? wtf? I mean damn, black friday brings out the ugliest in people!

And i'm not just raggin on the Cali people. I mean goddamn, in NY, on Long Island where the dumb folk are, and yes they are dumb rich folk there with some other idiot folk decided hey let's storm walmart. Its walmart people! Did you really need that plasma tv THAT badly!? i swear human nature comes out and shows its worst side ever! even when they were reviving him, one person took a cell phone video! while other shoppers were pushing past them and the police. WTF?! You know they're trying to SAVE a human life here, but yes you're flatscreen tv is obviously way more important!

Ok, I'll stop ranting about that. really. still no call back from bruce lee foundation. ok, emailng to find out if position is filled and i can stop being stalkerish.

if i'm on blog tv will anyone actually want to watch my dumbass? i wonder. yes i've become shameless at this point being that i'm using the webcam for evil! its more fun being evil. honestly it is.

also, any nyc ladies want to meet up? i'm feeling strangely spontaneous these days.

watched a bootleg version downloaded off bit torrent of quantum of solace. it was a screener dvd so it was pretty good quality. the movie itself was LAME! dear god, no catchphrase at all, he's being a total retard. he bangs a random girl and not the main chick, who oddly resembles the chick from the previous movie! wtf?!

I shall leave this post on a happier note. I forgot my camera yesterday for turkey day. yes so sad. i made cupcakes. and i ended up having ot use my camera phone, so sucky.

turkey! baked in the oven forever! my parents didn't believe the thing pops when its ready.

i made cupcakes!

my mom gave me pomegranates cause she knows i love them. and she got me the pom ones!

it has a weird top part. hee hee.

tomorrow i'm gonna head home again, its good to be home away from the insanity. and i'm so webcamwhoring! but at least I admit it!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

yup i totally slept through black friday too, sooo not worth it