I painted my nails a dark blue last night. chanels blue satin. and i'm very much surprised by it. it went on pretty easy, i put on one coat and it was pretty much dark, almost black. its not until i go into the light that u can see that its' really blue. a really dark blue. and there seems to be some faint shimmer or something. go figure. haven't worn dark polish in a while, so this is all new to me again LOL!

yes crappy camera phone

anyways i'm hiding out at my mom's house, cause hell I don't want to be there anymore. fucking pissed me off. who the fuck decides oh i need to wash my clothes like at 9 am?! seriously! esp when the day before you knew i had to use the bathroom and run off? seriously, so today you decide to get in there earlier to be a bitch? how rude! sadly to say i didn't make it to the internship cause of that. since they were closing early too. like wtf? You KNOW i need to get my ass out the door and you're chilling? oh hellz no! I think i'm starting to turn into a bad person by wishing that that person would croak already, i know it sounds bad, but living there is seriously making me wish it now. totally need a break.

I have no idea what is happening for turkey day. the thought of family togetherness is making me sick to say the least. considering i hate that family and all i want is to be with MY family. or the fact that i'm totally miserable there. who knows.

and oddly enough i have a strange fascination on seeing that teen vampire movie now. that or transporter 3. the 2nd one sucked really bad, ugh models who want to act.

i need a life change. i need something, right now i'm there.

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SUGABUM said...

You have nice nails!