undersea walking in bermuda

its one of those things you gotta do, put on a giant homer simpson looking helmet and walk on the ocean floor. Except this time, instead of you looking at the fish in the fish bowl, the fish are looking you like you're on the fish bowl. and they're pretty damn right on that one. I used a waterproof disposable camera, well it said it was reusable, but it used film, and it sorta worked underwater. I never realized how much film sucked, plus under water, your perception of how far something is away is screwed up. even though the camera had cross hairs for you to pretend to aim with, the pictures were totally off. the guy did take pics with his digital underwater camera that came out better. but i for one am not posting any pics of me in a bikini, let alone me with a bart simpson head. so i'll just show you what i saw instead!

Our guide, was a funny guy, who's dad started this business of undersea walking helmet diving in Bermuda. His dad invented the first helmet, before bart simpson was created, and he says lots of ppl have ripped him off, but its ok, he knows he's got the best business out there. cause all the other places don't do what he does, cause other places like in hawaii, st thomas, bahamas, etc, don't let you touch the fish, they're like look at the fish and move on. he actually tames them, and they do tricks and allow you to touch them! it was pretty cool, and i was amazed at how my head stayed dry and my hair didn't get wet, weird i know.

so that's greg, he's wearing a bart simpson helmot too. that's an angel fish. she doesn't like to be touched but she'll go through the ring and do tricks and pose for pictures. all the fish know what's going on, they get pet and fed and pose for pictures. camera whores all of them!

the waterproof camera took crappy pics as you can tell by the quality of it. grainy and noisy and crappy. so i'll just post the pics he took with waterproof digi cam instead! we saw a lot of fish, we touched a lot of fish. they felt slimy and wet, but not cold, it was weird, they seemed friendly and happy, swimming around you curious and such. its like being in an actual aquarium, except the fish are looking at you!

That's E.T. he's a puffer fish, you would know him better as fugu. Yes the yummy dish japanese ppl find a delicacy. ET is very friendly, and has gigantic eyes. He's not the fugu that japanese ppl eat, he's chilling in bermuda. he eats mussels and crunchy sealife. he likes to swim around the new ppl and see what's going on. he's clearly the star of the show. I mean how often do we get to see a puffer fish up close? and pet him, and see how he feels.

ET apparently went on hiatus, cause he disappeared for a month or so. But he came back and he's all happy. he was feeling frisky and tried to bite the guide's camera for fun as he was trying to take a picture. LOL. He didn't puff up in front of us for obvious reason, he didn't feel threatened and he wanted food. :P the guide told us ET wasn't poisonous, it depends on what their diet is, and he doesn't shoot out spikes at ppl, he just puffs up. duh! but ET is pretty big for a fish.

how could u want to eat fugu after seeing him?

this is charles, a hogfish. lol. i love how the guy names all the fish and tells us ok if you see this fish its so and so. lol. so charles, has teeth, kinda scared me for a second but after watching him swim around and let us pet him, he was pretty sweet. he was curious swimming around, i was like what's touching me? its hard to turn ur head in that thing. Apparently Charles bit some of the ppl in the other group. Though I'm starting to doubt that. i went in as the first group, we were under water for 25 min, that's a pretty long time. i was in a normal sized group, cause the 2nd and 3rd groups were full of FAT ppl! super fat ppl! i don't think the fish bit you, i think the fish swam around and ur fat got caught on his tooth. maybe he couldn't squeeze past you and u tried to sit on him and he freaked.

Apparently the snapper is always there, whenever the guide goes the snapper is always there waiting for him. i wonder what being a fish is like. swim, float, swim, look around, reminds me a lot of finding nemo. what do fish do all day?

the guide let us walk around, we saw lots of maine life, seriously up close, seeing pictures or in a txtbook is totally different than seeing it live infront of you. we saw coral, lots of coral, sea anemones, and a bunch of other sea life that I have no idea what it was. makes me wish i did to go the university of hawaii to study marine biology.

that's gollum, we saw him briefly as he didn't want to make an appearance.

its a grouper fish over something that i totally forgot the name of.

we saw mustard coral, and brain coral, to which i have to say ew. brain coral is ugly. looks like brainz! He picked up one that was on a rock, and let us feel how heavy it was. he let us touch it, but i totally passed on that. i was told it felt slimy. ew brainz. i found out later that coral has problems with bleaching where it turns white and dies. i was also told that the coral in bermuda are protected and doing well, compared to the coral in aussieland, to which their great beautiful coral, brightly colored and all is dying. 80% of it is dying and they don't know why. its really sad, cause its like its so beautiful and its dying and they can't stop it. its because of us damn humans. we wear sunscreen that does something to them, course everyone wants to see coral so we slather it on, put on bikinis and go down into the water and share our sunblock and other stuff with them. makes me sad to know we're killing everything. i learned more about coral during the glass bottom boat tour, which i'll post pics of later.

coral! close up! plz don't break coral off, or try to take it with you. its a living thing its not a rock. i'm sure you wouldn't like it if someone came up to you and snapped your arm off and walked off with it.

we left the dock where our boat was and went out for about 30-45 min away, the water was 8-10ft deep. the water was 80 degrees. the fish were friendly and you could see the sun come down through the water. the hardest part of this was getting into the water to ur neck, it was pretty chilly when u first got in. i was freaked cause i can't swim, so yeah for someone who can't swim and ur getting into water, u freak out a little. and u wait a while for ur ears to pop. i couldn't do scuba cause i freaked out, being surrounded by water like that, plus the pressure going down, the tanks and everything, it was like nowai. this is SO MUCH easier and less freaky. its weird when you come up, cause you feel all this weight on your body when u climb out and walk around. go figure. I would totally do it again in a heartbeat, though i am curious how other parts of the world do it.

this is greg's boat. he built it from scratch himself. his brother runs the helmet dive in the bahamas. if u can see a wheelchair being brought on or off the boat. the guy who used it, can walk, he's just a fat guy who's too lazy to walk. his entire family is fat, and i was like wow, ur that lazy u don't want to walk? wow.

this is me on the boat after. i'm not wearing any makeup *gasp* and i should point out that i didn't wear any makeup at all during the cruise, i guess i got lazy too, but my skin is looking better now.

So if you're ever in bermuda check these guys out! Heartley's Undersea Walk! I don't get any money from them or anything, I had a great experience with them. They were friendly, happy, social, and informative. and he also mentioned how his daughter was sent to some fancy smachy school in orlando and what does she do? find the bermudans and hangs out with them! he was like doh! why did i send you there for?! ur doing the same thing except now ur in orlando! LOL!

i would have posted more pictures but damn that underwater disposable really sucks! more pics coming!!!! :P

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Fei said...

Omg. Fishies with personalities! I wanna go now and look like Bart. Simpsons are my favorite...

BedtimeCake said...

OMG! I caught a puffer fish once and it started blowing up and scared the shit out of me... haha I've seen only the first 3 episodes of the 2nd season... I can't find the 4th anywhere yet...I can't wait though... U know he went to treatment in real life for being addicted to porn??! He just got out...haha Crazy!

ainstein said...

that is so effin awesome! glad u had a great time =D

SUGABUM said...

I never knew anything like this existed. My bf would love this kind of thing. He's a fish addict. Puffers are awesome. I have always wanted to set up a brackish water or salt water tank just so I could raise puffers. The puffers I want don't look half as cool as the one you saw, though.

Vanessa said...

I am SOOOOOO jealous of you right now. OMG those pictures are breath-taking and you swam with the fishies!!! How cute and what a chance of a lifetime!

I think you should get Petticoat, you'll love it!

BedtimeCake said...

OMG! I just watched episode 4 Season 2...have you seen it yet??? Up and then back down again! I don't want to say anything just in case u haven't seen it....

xppinkx said...


i can't believe that fish can do tricks...the puffer fish is super cute...it's also pretty cool that under water u can't see the color of the fish or the coral...

and those masks things are SUPER ancient!!! reminds me of this episode of POPEYE's...super weird

don;t you wanna be a fish now?