Touring around in Bermuda

Thank you again ladies for your comments and sharing your experiences with me about stupid ignorant people. I think until it actually happens to you, you'll never really know what its like. and with that said, people who are not us, females and asian will never know what its like to be us, to be on the receiving end of stupidity or some guy with a raging fetish. Thank you all.

so now i'm gonna post more pics. cause we all love pics right?

glass bottom boat tour. they take you around and see the sea life under the boat cause duh it has a glass bottom. course the boat's on and moving so it scares away the turtles and such.

the name of the boat. It was 2 guys running it and they were young and hip and happy. they told us that the weather changes by the end of oct, drops 15 degrees and rains like crazy, the cruise ships go elsewhere and don't come back till april. meanwhile ppl go to FL for some reason. and they gave us free rum swizzle and soda.

these are the projects. seriously. this is low income housing. its only about half a million to live there. the tour guide was joking yeah its what you would call the ghetto projects right? course you can't really be bad ass in your pastel house can you?

yes green pastel house for the projects!

sea anemones and stuff, not sure what all this stuff was called, but they were pretty.

the fish who aren't afraid

more fish!

the devil's head. where the bermuda triangle starts from. ooh scary!

the bermuda triangle runs from bermuda, to PR to FL, it follows the rum trading lines, nothing supernatural about it. just that for some reason when u go deeper towards the middle of it your compass spins out of control. so sailers back in the day didn't know what direction they were sailing in, hence why they got lost, but with modern technology, sailers know where they're going, so no one gets lost there anymore.

some more houses. Bloomberg, ross perot, michael douglas, catherine zeta jones, and bowie all have houses here.

sunken ship, half of it is in the water, the other half is sticking out. they put it here so ppl could sneak into bermuda by ship into this area. look its smiling at you!

weird stuff under the bridge

i went to the crystal caves, where they just had stuff like this

its amusing for like 5 min, then the smell of old ppl, the water dripping and the fat ppl complaining gets to you.

a totem in the water. there are no fish here, its too dark and creepy and salty

bacon strips. There were other formations and such, one that looked like martha washington and stuff. but it really did smell bad in there

a boat

there were like 83 steps you had to climb down and up to see the caves, all the fat ppl obviously had to take a break. i was like cmon! its not that horrid, its like taking the steps at grand central to transfer, move your ass! course the fat ppl were all like we have to stay together, and got mad when ppl passed their fat asses. geez, maybe u shouldn't ate like 40x on the cruise ship you know?

if you were claustrophobic then yeah you shouldn't go there either.

they say this is a dragon. ok if you say so

swim with the dolphins, the hat comes out again

I went to the zoo and aquarium as well, but i don't want to bombard you with pics, so until next time!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

wow you went excursion crazy! seems like you did some fun stuff...i'm trying to take a cruise early next year with the hubby too

Alyssa said...

How gorgeous are the pictures! I wish I was traveling. I love seeing new things because you get to admire how special earth is. You look gorgeous too especially I have never seen your face before! :)

Vanessa said...

Man I SERIOUSLY want to be where you are! It is just gorgeous!

I don't have blackheads so I am not sure how effective the Lyna is in removing it, but then again it could be really good since I use it and therefore I never get 'em! LOL. But I have had whiteheads on my chin and they are gone! Whew!