procrastinating for the cruise

cause you know it wouldn't be the same if i didn't procrastinate. i gotta go get my wheely luggage thing from my mom's house, since the other one is lost in storage somewhere. i emailed RenRen, cause I'm so lost on how to pack make up and what to bring. i have somewhat of an idea. sots of sunblock and a swimsuit. and my pimping hat! and a camera that will let me take pics. but other than that i'm like dur....

Like i'm bringing false eyelashes, cause duh, let's make this easy. but during the day at the beach, i guess waterproof mascara would be good. so i'm gonna drag along with me my shu umera waterproof mascara. since its waterproof. It holds a curl, it's waterproof and lengthens, but does nothing for volume and such, sigh.

you're coming with me on the cruise!

so then i thought of bringing the lash blast but its not waterproof so i don't think i should be bringing non waterproof mascara, i haven't tried the other mascara that is waterproof.

i want to bring my mac drizzlegold but hell its gonna go all over the place. any suggestions for another substitute? MSF perhaps?

thinking about bringing this anna sui dress with me, very light and airy for summer! i can finally wear it yay! does that mean i have to shave my legs? LOL

is it a bit much if bring this dress on the boat? will i make all the ugly b*tches feel bad? or do i just look ridiculous?

or this dress. is it too blue? does blue go well with puke? sea sickness puke?

my bikini! that's not me in it.

travel size everything to bring along and a beach bag. i am getting excited about getting away. though the whole sea sickness thing is bad, got some drugs and that lame wristband, not sure if it really works, and no its not mental! i'll post some food porn before i leave. cause i know you all love the food porn! food porn!

yes i made those!

Someone give me some ideas to go with my little red riding hood costume plz. kthanx!

p.s. i know my damn header image has gone awol and i have no idea why. damn you blogger. no time to try to fix it again, gotta procrastinate! :P

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sophie said...

yes its in the bug exhibition area ~~ and the bronx zoo is open 365 days a year~~

have a nice trip... be careful u get really fat on cruises, i gained like almost 10 lbs on a cruise to alaska 2 yrs ago so maybe pack some loose pants lol o and i like the 1st dress

sophie said...
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mayaari said...

the lash exact works well and doesn't smudge up - it doesn't do much for volume, but it separates lashes well for a natural look. you could always put some tape over the sifter in the drizzlegold powder (I'm assuming there's a sifter in there) to keep it from spilling during travel; then just have a small roll of tape in your luggage to seal it again.