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last night I went to see this author Neil Gaiman read a new chapter from his new book the Graveyard. I never really knew who he was, or what he wrote. Apparently he wrote a lot of stuff, which was cool. he also has a new movie, well a movie based on his book caroline coming out. Kinda cool.

When he reads, he does voices, and gets excited and gets totally into it, which is cool. He's totally into his work.

neil gaiman reading chapt 1 from his new book from EtherealPrey on Vimeo.

it was at columbia university, the place was packed. They were all these geeky, fat, ugly people there, yes i said it. half of which you wouldn't really look at. Ands then there were kids there like wtf? there was this one stupid parent that brought their 2 annoying kids there. one was a bit older and more contained. but the younger one was fucking ass annoying as all hell, whining, crying for attention, banging on stuff for attention, and laughing when the audience laughed which was annoying cause the kid was too fucking stupid to know what was going on. And where was the parent during all this? Doing jack shit. Lady, this isn't day care, this isn't he park and we are not here to take care of your bratty kid.

he also did a Q&A section with the audience. They wrote down their questions and he went through them and answered it. Some ugly fat chick asked for a hug. sigh. he's pretty fun and good about things, he was like ok, but don't be cheap, get her a real present. And they were selling autographed books there too, being that he broke his finger and couldn't do anything.

neil gaiman Q&A from EtherealPrey on Vimeo.

that's some of his answers. some ppl asked silly questions like what is one of his character's fave ice cream flavor. vanilla. there. its vanilla, you can rest easy knowing this.

overall it was pretty fun. though i don't feel anymore inspired, still have writer's block, still feeling unmotivated, and still feeling uncreative. i hope this passes.

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