my mac power cord tried to kill itself and me!

strangely and oddly enough, just when i get back from my cruise, which i got seasick, i decide that i've got a week's worth of emails and such to catch up on. so i feeling lazy, i'm on bermuda time, decide to use my laptop on my bed, which s totally normal as many ppl do it. so i move the power plug block part off my bed as it gets hot and crap and the fucker burns me! WTF!? I look at my finger which is now burnt, and then at the power plug, which is smoking! WTF?! I decide that i should unplug it, cause its smoking and crap, i move it off the bed cause i don't want the bed to be set ablaze, and it starts flaming up! fire! like OMFG!!!! I jumped off the bed and went to unplug it and the flames went out, it didn't burn the sheets luckily, just my finger!

omg apple you suck! Your product tried to kill itself and ME! and i did some googling and found out that there's some lawsuit against the powerbook and ibook power cords, that they were faulty! WTF?! Apple you royally suck! You could have burned down the apt! You could have killed me! What's worse is that I know ppl leave the power cord plugged in and then go about, and out, some of them take it out of their computer but its still plugged into the outlet. it scares me to think what if it happened while i was out? i was out at a cruise for a week, what if it happened then? there would be no one to stop it. and my poor ferret.

I'm calling apple to get a replacement and to chew them out for it. That was SO NOT COOL!

called apple. got transfered to 3 ppl along the way. the product specialist i spoke with, basically down played everything. yes it caught on fire, yes i burned myself, but no i haven't run into an electric fence yet. personal stupidity doesn't apply here. he also told me that his friend's cell phone charger set his living room on fire. yes that did freak me out a little. asked me a bunch of safety script questions. how long did it last? i don't know! i was freaking out royally that there was FIRE coming out of the adapter! FIRE! not from the stove but the adapter!!!! he said that he hadn't heard of it happening for like 2 years. WTF does that mean!? does that mean i'm suppose to feel better? anyways, at the end of this long conversation, he said that i could go to the apple store and trade it in and have them look at it. cause macbooks are happy. I'm like NO! I don't have a macbook, this is a powerbook! old skool powerbook! then he got confused. crikey! anyways i pretty much knew that the ppl in the apple store wouldn't have given me a new adapter or anything, so he said he was using DHL to send me two boxes, one for the old adapter and the other to send my old powerbook in cause i don't know if it was fried from the power. cause apparently if there's a black out or outtage it can cause ur adapter to freak out on you! WTF?! that happens in NYC you know! but they were like yes we will back our product. the transformers melt. the insides of your powerbook can melt but it won't go on fire! WTF?! burnt my finger you know! anyways, they're gonna look at it and fix anything that is power related, hardware, cause i don't want my laptop to die on me. anyways, i get a replacement power adapter and they check my laptop. so that's good. i was annoyed that he wanted me to to go to the apple store, cause i the apple care on it expired a while ago. and then he also said that i've had this laptop for like 3-4 years, and its still kicking. and I need it to be kicking for another year. yes i have the old powerbook g4 people! my entire life is on that thing. the guy said that they won't erase anything, and i'm so holding him to it! my life is on that thing. and i really don't want to be turning on or plugging in or using any apple products right now. cause seeing fire come out of your computer parks kinda freaks you out.

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JPENG said...

Ouch, Apple gets on my nerves. My fiance had problems with charging his powerbook, but I think it had more to do with his computer. AND he ordered new memory so he could install CS3, and Apple sent him one that didn't fit. It turned out that their website was wrong and it took over a month of calling to actually talk to a person their (he would be on hold for like an hour and he would hang up and try another day). I think you would be better off emailing them your problem. I'm glad you're okay and saw the problem with the cord before it started a fire.

SUGABUM said...

I hate Apple. Glad you're back though! =D

MakeupByRenRen said...

what the hell! that screams lawsuit to me

Vanessa said...

OMG that is frikkin scary! My iphone got SOOOO hot the other day to the point where you could not even touch it with your bare hands and im like WTF how is this safe?!!! I can't even hold my phone to answer a call cuz that shit got so damn hot! Argh! I showed the wire thing ripping on my other charger cord and they would NOT replace it saying I tugged on it, um yeah ok that's why I keep it at my house and NEVER removed it.