life's a beach

thank you ladies for your responses. while its true here in nyc you don't get as many stupid annoying where are you from questions than let's say middlefuck america, we still get them. its so fucking annoying, and yes if you're not asian you're probably never going to fucking get it. they don't get it. then again they live in a shithole and they are the product of their environment. with that said, i'm done and i'm dropping it. my twitter is going on lockdown today, course not after i make a point, being that the ignorant bitch went to my twitter and looked at my profile pic and referred to me as an adjective. then again she's a dumb bitch that lives in a shithole so she won't add up to much. i am however pissed at my friend for trying to defend her. yeah you surround yourself with ignorant bitches, says a lot about you. moving on. we're just gonna post pics of bermuda again, this time around we're at the beach! with pink sands! oooh pink sands, say it with me now!

their buses are so weird, driving on the left side of the road. cmon!

the sun, sky, water, it was all so wonderful

beach houses behind

seaweed or algae!

i totally wanted to jump right in, but it was super windy there, once u sat down and the sun was baking you it was pretty much good

corona in a can! i know! apparently it does come in cans, i usually drink from the bottles. they didn't allow bottles on the beach, so they sold cans. hee hee.

me at the beach, yes the pimping hat came out again!

yeah i was kinda lazy and didn't color correct all my photos. blah lazy i know.

pink sands! it comes from the micro organisms that wash up on shore making the sands pink. There were no rocks there, and the sand was nice kinda like sugar. And there wasn't a lot of trash or medical waste on the beach which is a good thing!

lifeguard on duty! this ain't baywatch!

there was a small lagoon there too.

i got a tan and i was happy. the water was warm but the waves did smack my butt and untied my bikini top. harsh waves, no i didn't flash anyone. i got to relax and just chill. so that was good. I'm just gonna think about good times and just chill.

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xppinkx said...

she lives in Puerto Rico??????

tell her gringo arse to eat a damn plantain and go clean houses...

brushes hair aside...stops shaking*


this is the post i have been waiting for prey...about effin time sands on the beach it is....

me loving the corona looks like an add...i need to go to Bermuda...

BedtimeCake said...

ooooooooo, I want to go's so damn cold here in Germany...F the cold...give me heat anyday...and a tan..!!

BedtimeCake said...

It's cold here for me!! I'm from AZ so I'm freezin my ass off.... I just watched Episode 5 last night! Crazy, shit is going all over the place again, I LOVE IT!! Her painting at the end was cute....

Vanessa said...

I SOOOOOOOOO love that Corona can picture! Yeah my sister is retarded, she says the darnedest things! I wish I can leave her at those Safe Haven places but mom says no. LOL.

Anyway, I am not sure yet, I probably won't be dressing up for Halloween since we probably won't be doing anything...but I might just do a makeup mask if about you?