i'm out of here!


fuck all the stupidness here, screw the bs, fuck the freelance, screw the stupid idiots that know nothing of flash, screw the creepy old man that stares at me, cause he's old thinks its ok. fuck the bs here in nyc. i'm tired of the mundane and of the rat race. i'm tired of the weather getting cold. of being nagged, and all this other fucking shit. i'm fucking tired! and i really don't care who knows it or who's feelings get hurt.

thanks to all those that wished me well. thanks to those that told me how and what to pack. i'm out of here. i'm fucking out of here! cold nyc, i'm out of this rat race on speed with dirty homeless ppl and loud execs that think they own the world. i'm out of here!

leaving tom afternoon. i'll twitter one last time and be back in a week. by then i'll expect lots of blog entries from you ladies, pictures to look at while i'm uploading mine. i'm gonna come back sunburnt and peelling. i want to get out of nyc, out of here, him, out of everything.

ok i'll wear sunblock.

and i'll have a drink in everyone's honor, hellz yea i'm gonna get drunk that is if i'm not too sea sick and taken too many of those damn pills, that wristband better work! I'll try not to fall off the boat.

see u in a week ladies!

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BunnieAnn said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is hilarious and very entertaining! It's my daily ritual to read your blog. I just discovered it...but I'm going to work back to your first entry! Thanks for such entertainment. haha =P Enjoy your trip!!