hard candy, and get the f*ck out of ny or die trying!

sneezy now. not fun.

i got the second half of my hard candy haul when they were doing 75% off a while ago but never posted pics. course i'm not sure if i am going to use all the stuff i got. bad me. spending when there is no $$ to spend. sigh. but its better that i got it when it was 75% off, cause now its only 50%. BOO!

damn did I really need all that?

lip palette, ok so i probably will use this one

pressed powder. cute heart. i got 2 shades, cause i wasn't sure if it was too light or dark. so apparently one is too dark for me. oh wellz, swap it or something. considering it was 3 bucks i'm not really complaining a whole lot, cheaper than the drug store brands.

ok so i got a lot of palettes, a lot of eyeshadows, which means I have to learn how to apply it right? blah.

anyways, i'm getting out of NYC next week. where am i going you ask? surprisingly i didn't plan this. what I was planning was a trip to visit my friend in NC. course life never turns out the way you expect. so apparently i'm going on a cruise to bermuda. oh don't get excited!

i get seasick and that sucks, and i can't swim, so yeah we're going to have a slight problem with that. last time i went on a cruise, it was bad, i was really seasick, plus i apparently drank the water in Jamaica so i was not having a good time. this time around, it leaves from, ny, so i won't have to travel far. its like almost 4 days at sea, ugh. 3 days with pink sands i hope. my goal is to lay on the beach wearing spf 80 drinking out of a coconut. and hopefully all the old ppl will not be wearing speedos and bikinis, ugh that was horrid last time, cottage cheese gone wrong.

last time for the cruise, we were suppose to leave from New Orleans, course it snowed here in nyc badly missed the boat, it had 2 days at sea, so i had 2 days to get to jamaica and meet the boat. not bad i guess.

so, what am i bringing on the boat? not sure, i guess i should watch the vid on how to pack your make up so it doesn't shatter into dust. i guess i should leave the chanel blush at home, and bring the milani one, i won't cry if it breaks or gets lost. i'm going on a norwegian cruise this time, i've heard both good and bad things about it. i went on carnival last time and it was pretty fun. though i'm worried cause norwegian seesm to get a bad rep. again i didn't plan this vacation. don't ask. just give me an idea on what i should bring on this boat, besides sunblock and a swim suit. :P

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xppinkx said...


WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO i am excited for you so shaddap....*whimpers* i get sea sick..this & that! woman please eat at the late night buffet at 12 for me...dress up for the awkward dinner...get your money's worth...and remember try to make lucky with a skipper....

have fun baby...and party it out then pass out on the beach

you deserve it you jerk!

oh bring with you batteries, music, and lube...and bring alot of skimpy wear...time to attract real men...

have fun...take pictures!!! BE SAFE...and dont drink your ass off the BOAT!!!


ainstein said...

oooh awesome this is exactly what u need! dont forget to bring dramamine for seasickness! have fun sweets!

jie jie said...

unplanned trips sounds fun! you sure need a break. hopefully you'll enjoy it and won't encounter too many annoying people and situations.. there's supposed to be a medicine to prevent seasickness right? bring different kinds of medicines just in case you start feeling sick, whether it's bad food or maybe a migraine. makeupwise, just stick with possible neutral looks. good for day and night.

MakeupByRenRen said...

yay you got urself a vacay! you better take a pic of you sipping a drink in a coconut...if you want me to email you my cruise packing list, i will lol...its really overly OCD detailed

Vanessa said...

nice haul! have fun on the cruise!