Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit

Oh the things you'll do for chanel! like stand outside in central park to see this exhibit. it was free, but it was COLD yesterday. and it started to rain, and the ppl working there all had giant chanel umbrellas, which they didn't share with us! You're so mean Chanel! Why?! WHY?

they had signs everywhere so you could find the big curvy thing

course once i got there, the entrances were stupidly laid out, and look at this sign. you're not allowed anything, not even breathe! they checked your coat and bag when u got in, yes your bag, they told you to take your wallet out, seriously. wtf? damn chanel are you afraid we're gonna steal from you? cause we're not.

a big mirror box!

inside they took everything away so i couldn't take pics, or try to. it was an audio tour with grandma talking you through. there was strange music along the way cause you were suppose to take it all in. wtf does that mean? anyways, it was weird and strange and interesting. you walk in and look at plastic triangles and tiles on the floor, she counts the steps you walk up and u look down at this abyss actually its just projections of stuff falling. the music tries to synch with the animations. you walk down and go into this dark room, where you see a reflection in the water of paris at nigh and then sunlight. the music you hear in your zen mp3 player tries to synch. you walk out and see 2 women on monitors who aren't pictures but really just holding still. i didn't get that. sorry. then they had boxes with projections shooting down, you see nekkid ppl with chanel bags doing various things, getting beat up, jumping for them, one fat chick floating around on one. you look at some weird sm pics of bondage and flowers and blood, turn the corner and watch some indian movies about handbags. grandma narrates about bags.

some dumb girl tried to take pics with her cell phone, a crappy cell phone at that, she was totally busted being that they had chanel workers standing like every 4 feet!

look at pictures of womenw ith skin, wrinkled 100x magnified skin. u walk around and see some plastic bubbles, grandma talks about consciousness. Then go into another room where she tells you to stop and you see this GIANT chanel bag, with a GIANT powder compact, it would be pretty good for king kong. You smell the old lady smell of crappy powder. you watch a vid in the compact of this lady shooting chanel bags. yeah i don't get that either. you walk into this atruim, get some postcards, look at how chanel bags are made on the wall, and then there's a wish tree. write your wish on a tag and hang it on the tree. you can see everyone else's tree and its kinda funny. world peace! obama 2008! LOL.

My friend from HK saw the exhibit too. she said the tree was for the japanese cause they love that crap. i have to say the ppl here weren't that mused by it. at the end i got 3 postcards and a large bk and white book of pics karl took and crap. free admission yes, but um yeah, depends if your time is worth waiting on line for 30 min.

i also went to madison square park to see the pulse park. blog about it later.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

wow at least you can say you saw a giant chanel bag once :)

Vanessa said...

ooh! a chanel bag! man do we love luxuries or what?! LOL.

Thanks! I think I got my dress from Charlotte Russe (ill check the tag when I take it off later) I got it awhile ago but I don't remember if I got it there or somewhere else. I'll let ya know!

Aprecia said...

Wow. Is the exhibit still there ? I live in the city too but Im ususally late with the cool things that goes on.