Betsey Johnson sample sale! Yes again!

its that time of the year ladies! time for the uglies to come out and be nasty and throw their nekkid parts up on everything! yes its sample sale time! its betsey johnson's sample sale time! And every time that I go, one for the summer/spring and one for the fall/winter time, women get nastier and nastier. I mean seriously cmon ladies, have some decorum or decency you know?

I have to say when i got there it was pretty slow, not crowded and crazy like all the other times, i don't know why. could be the flyer had the wrong floor on it, could be that the economy is shitty right now. or could be the fact that your prices are fucking insane! wtf?! i've gone to her sample sales for a while now, back when dresses were 40 bucks, and stuff was cheap and i got a TON of stuff. now its what? 90 bucks?! wtf are you on?

i walked around and their stuff was all on racks, and there were NO real samples, like actual samples made that they only charged $15 for like last time. guess they really are squeezing you for all you're worth. they had the interns working there so sad i know. i used to intern for her a while back, i learned a lot about what goes on there, and it also kinda destroyed my view of her, being that she looks at a lot of vintage stuff, hell so does anna, but i saw them on one of their brainstorming sessions, kinda sad. her assistant a perfect size 6, tries on the vintage stuff and they try to update it, put a bow here, change the color, make it shorter, do this and that. i was like what happened to the original thought process? *cries* i'm sure for the show she makes original stuff, sorta...god i hope so!

anyways, nothing screamed out BUY ME NOW! so sad, i tried on some stuff, made me look like a cake, made me look like a champagne bottle, etc, you get the idea. but they wanted 120 for a dress, and that was insane! so then finally the annoying lady shows up, god she works in accounting or something, and she's got one of those annoying voices that you want to stab her in the head so she'll shut up! its high pitched and sounds like a chihuahua dying. she was like goddamn no one's buying anything, time to drop the prices, so they did down to 100 and 80. yeah ok.

did i mention that while i was trying on stuff in the fitting area, yes i say area, cause its a bunch of screens and mirrors propped up in this area where some poor intern has to stay and make sure no one steals anything. god talk about using interns! i was working with the buyer and doing some pr stuff when i was there. one of the guys working there is chatting away but i can hear him and he sounds pretty much nearby, i turn a little and BOOM he's got a great view of the fitting area. there is an opening that you can walk through and he's standing there chatting away getting a great view. talk about PERVY! i turned around and moved!

The ladies weren't as bad as last night, clothes all over, changing anywhere. there was this one NASTY korean woman with her friend there who were trying on all these dresses for fun but bought like one thing. omg she who was clearly OLDER, decided that it would be completely logical to wear a thong to a sample sale where you would be trying on stuff, and it would also be ok to go bra-less! *barf* lady no one wants to see your old saggy body! NO ONE! her friend was grossed out cause she went to the other side where I was. I have to say the younger women there wore bras or tank tops or camisoles and kept their jeans on while trying stuff. i really don't want your nasty sweaty nipples on a dress i'm about to try on. nor do i want your sweaty ass juice on the skirt i'm trying on either! cmon ppl stop being so fucking nasty! put your cottage cheese asses away, put your saggy boobs away, no one wants to see your HUGE nipple! ugh. i try not to look but it shard when you're trying to get out of there and some old hag gets in your way topless! *barfs some more*

i ended up buying 3 make up bag type things. they hold make up and stuff, they're pretty cute and they were only $10.

its a cute box isn't it?

the inside, the two packets of plastic on the bottom part are removable, so you can put other stuff in there.

a red one, my camera is making it look weird, but its red! and i got both for 10.

i think i may give this one to my friend who was on the phone with me telling me do you really need more cake dresses? Does anything scream out to you? Do you really need all 8 of those dresses? no, now put back the ones you don't want and get the one you do want!

another make up bag, damn do i have that much make up? i like the mini bag for makeup in my purse. looks pretty durable.

they had A LOT of bags like this one, lots of sizes and variations, they had a tiny version of it and inside was a smaller pouch for 10 bucks, the pom poms were cute but i couldn't justify buying it. i know right?! they also had some wheely travel bag, but it was small i think i fits a laptop and a sweater and that's it. but it was cheap. the bags are pretty cheap, 5,10, 25.

this was there for 10 bucks there. its 27 on the betsey site. its a crappy pleather type thing. looks like it would crack or break or rip and easily stain.

I did get a dress, this dress, it makes me look like a cupcake. its pink with sprinkles. my hair is in the pic, and i had to lighten it, and stop staring at my armpit!

i also picked up a sweater dress. *gasp* i know. i'm one of those people that said why would anyone wear a sweater dress, it seems counter productive. you wear a sweater to stay warm, but a dress, well that's to for warm days. what gives right? what happens if it pills up? what do you do? its very form fitting, looks like crap on the hanger but on a body looks better. its very black and dark i had to lighten up the pic so you could actually see its not a blob of black

it has a bell or tulip sleeve, i'm not sure what the correct term is anymore. but there it is.

that's how long the dress is. i think it would look good with some knee high boots and a belt. but alas i have no belt. i don't do the belt thing, what color belt? what kind of belt? i am so clueless! someone help me!

if you're wondering i'm standing infront of the ferret cage, my ferret does not grant an audience to anyone just yet. plus the box for my laptop to send back to apple is in back of me. apple is seriously screwing up. they write some jibberish on what they did on my laptop, what was replaced, their customer service they have no idea what's going on. i wont rant about it now, but yeah they're screwy.

i amy go back friday to see if they've slashed more prices at the sample sale. as i walked around there were a few other sample sales happening. any nyc ladies want to go sample sale shopping?

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MakeupByRenRen said...

i wish i could go with yah! ewww at the old lady though, have some decency!

The Faux Fashionista said...

When I was in NY in August I visited a few "sample sales" but they weren't even cheap! The dress you got is cute though, and I like the makeup bags!

What color is your ferret? Is it a he or a she? And why doesn't it grant an audience?

sophie said...

prey~! dont do this to my wallet! haha i will try to go tomorrow after class~~ do u have directions via subway from queens?