bermuda part duex!

more shameless pictures! so bermuda is a british territory, which means they all talk funny there. they also have bright pastel houses there. most of the houses there are about a million dollars and life is pretty easy. they're all laid back and start the day like they're hung over, no need to rush, and they have rum cake, where you eat cake and get drunk. pretty sweet. they also have hurricane season so their houses are built different so they don't fly off. they deal with hurricanes a lot better than those in FL.

its an island 22 miles long and the widest part is 1 mile. they use buses and ferries to get around. and yes they drive on the other side of the road.

pastel blue building...yes...colorful there

bermuda has a lot of churches

lots of churches, one mosque but no synagogues. go figure.

and i found a pink church too

see it's really a church!

see the fire dept is blue!

this is a strange fire hydrant. it says london on it.

mopeds are popular down there, its what most ppl use to get around. gas down there is almost $10! but then again everything is expensive down there

and yes ladies they have a MAC store there. and they accept US dollars, the exchange rate is 1 to 1 there.

they had a street fair there. harbor nights. and damn that was the line for the mini donuts. they LOVE mini donuts there. don't mess with their donuts!

this is a birdcage. yes that is all

hamilton at night. its a city in bermuda.

i managed to eat a few cool places, they love their onions down there. like seriously. lots of things are named after onions.

Super gratz to Jroseonline! Good think you quit smoking!

finished watching season 1 of californication. all i can say is goddamn! mulder there is life after x-files. too bad for scully though. :P

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SUGABUM said...

WTF about the fire hydrant....

BedtimeCake said...

I love Californication! I rented the first season and now I'm hooked... I gotta watch it online though now since I'm in Germany...WTF?!

MakeupByRenRen said...

interesting of my good friends is from bermuda and i used to always make fun of the way she said certain things, he he

BedtimeCake said...

I know right! Can you believe what he did to that random chick that wasn't his girl??! That shit was too funny! haha

p.s. I hope you've seen the part I'm hinting about :)

BedtimeCake said...

OMG, that girl is a skeez haha... she's a hitter that one...too funny...she pissed me off too...

xppinkx said...


i have never been...looks like cute tropical town....

i always wonder why the hell in hotter place are the buildings pastel????

puerto rico, miami, and im sure other hot places...