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allright, the last couple of posts weren't so chipper and happy. and being that its raining here in nyc, boo! fall is here, and I have no idea what i'm doing for halloween, got invites to a few parties not sure where i'm going, and i have no idea what to do for makeup and stuff for my costume, so i'm just gonna post more senseless pics! i like that don't you? you don't want to do work and you want to procrastinate and waste time don't you? so waste time with me! :)

giant fish with a sundial!

one of the touristy things I did was go to the zoo and aquarium! Yes they were combined together and it wasn't huge like the bronx zoo you know? considering bermuda is only 22 miles long, they can't waste space cause ppl want million dollar homes there!

check out the sexy angel fish, yeah she's posing. such a camerawhore

these fish look confused


these fish don't look tasty

check out the starfish!

omg look its flashing me! shameless!

there's a shark in there somewhere

sea anemones.

the seals were lazy and weren't moving any time soon

HAA HAA! I'm sure there's gonna be one stupid bratty kid that's gonna stick their hand out. I hope they do get bitten and cry, well not on the same bus as me!

think of the pearl that comes out of that one!

he just sat there with his beer belly out there. Yeah he ain't moving

they had these creepy statues there, of little kids.

and this is me molesting the statue, oh cmon what did you expect me to do?!

hello birdie

more birdies

its a monkey!

RAWWWRRRR! galopolos turtle, took him forever to move


ok he's tired now, he needs to rest.

sea turtles


its a sloth...awe how cute...

and the pink bus i rode in on!

and like all zoo's it smelled bad, and had stupid kids. ugh, damn can't we just dump all the kids into the playpen filled with balls?

my laptop came back from apple yet again, this time i think they didn't totally screw it up. *knocks on wood* cause you know they screwed it up last night with the fried power cord, and then my laptop came back totally dirty. they changed the keyboard ,the touchpad, the top part of the case, the battery, not the bottom part where its STILL dirty, but i guess i can clean it. I'm sad cause my sticker isn't on my laptop anymore. sigh. oh well, new battery and new keyboard and touch pad is good. so far so good. apple care is a must. and if you don't have it, if you have a lot of time to yell and complain like i did, give them hell. Lots of hell.

its damn rainy here.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

sloths are a lot cuter there than they are in costa rica he he...girl just slap on some lashes and red lipstick for your costume and ur good to go!

iamgrape1119 said...

AWW, look at em animals!

HI hun, you've been tagged!