adiue! adiue! to you and you and you!

ah shut up you stupid kids! you ran off singing into the hills like retards. and you wore clothes made out of curtains! lol!

I'm out of here, going to brunch at sushi samba 7, family style yummy fusion brazilian and japanese food together! then i'm onto the boat, where i will be wearing a lame wristband and doped up on that seasickness drug. i'm also still kinda sick. go figure. anyways let's see how this goes. no internet there cause they wanted to charge me 100 bucks for 55 min, to which i said screw that. gonna take pics and upload them later, got 4 g card, i don't think i would take that many pics of me puking. LOL

Packing was a bitch. esp when you have to pack with one! lol!

I baked some cookies for you a while back, but i ate it. awe...but it was yummy. here are some food pics for you!

secret weapon. yes it's a mix in a bag! *gasp*

all the stuff in there

mixed it up with a fork cause the hand blending thing made a huge mess

roll it up and smash with fork

smashed up one were crispy and yummy. they went fast!

i made a bunch that were just rolled up balls, covered in sugar that would get hersey kiss's on top. the silver ball is an artichoke i beheaded.

smashed a hersey's kiss on top. these also went fast! hee hee!

there's eve, my ferret, she will hold down the fort while i am gone. she is annoyed that i woke her up. fear the ferret wrath!

I'm out ladies. please blog a lot and post pics so i have something to look at when i get back. i hope to see how pink's contest ends up and who wins and to see all the wonderful entries. i hope to be tan and happy, and have tan lines to be a bit naughty. Time to knock back a few drinks in all of your names, and watch NYC go bye bye.

love ya, miss ya, see you all in a week. *smooches*

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ainstein said...

have an awesome time!!! take care sweets. see ya in a week!

JPENG said...

have a safe and fun time! lol I can't wait to see growns mens panties drop after I serenade them with my guitar.

Those cookies look awesome. When I was little and my girl scout leader made those, I always wondered how she got the kiss in there without it melting haha.

SUGABUM said...

have a fun and safe trip!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i hope my packing list helped, lol...have a great time hon!

elno said...

cookies. looks good (drool
have fun on your cruise. and please take lots of pictures because i think your photos turn out really good:)
And thanks for commenting on my page. i love reading your blog.

xppinkx said...

have fun toots


Be safe and wear a life vest when drinking


take pics!!!