who the F*ck has a black tie wedding?

apparently retards in NYC...sigh...so here are some pics. food was impressively good during the cocktail hour, wedding food is like blah, but better than most places. I did a slideshow for them, not the lame fade in and fade out one, i made a way cooler looking one, its on dvd but its was impressive considering the other crappy ones out there. and it made people cry at the rehearsal dinner cry. Yes it was that damn good. *pats self on back* even though it took fucking forever and final cut kept crashing like a stank bitch. i finally had to use imovie and the new version of it is beyond retarded. i couldn't get a fade out in the music to work the right way. and i didn't finish the animation for the intro in after effects, so i just abandoned that and tried to render all this crap. i was up till 6 am editing this crap, and then burning it to idvd. needless to say i was not a happy camper. sleep deprived and driven insane...awesome...

i made a contact at the rehearsal dinner. the guy who leads the 20 piece band, yes they needed a 20 piece band for their wedding, spoke to me and said he was impressed by the slideshow. he's seen hundreds of them every year and they're all the same boring ass shit, he asked if i did this professionally. i was like um not really. i did it as a favor. and sadly only charged 300 for it! the shitty videographer charged 1000 for his slideshow of fade in and out with some video mixed in but it like was he was swimming after michael phelps from a land locked country, or standing next to a guy with a 15 inch member. people weren't impressed with his slide show as they were with mine. ok so my ego was a little inflated.

I went there to push the play button, but i got to hang out and I attempted to curl my hair. key word is attempt. When life gives you fucking lemons you make mojitos and you drink. My hair so doesn't want to be curled...but who cares!

my head! gasp yes its my head! the before pic, my hair is curled, course after it didn't last that long...this will also be my going out shirt too...

anyways onto the wedding. i missed the ceremony in some church. we were all wondering if the groom was going to say no and run out screaming. hee hee...onto the wedding right?

the hallway out of the elevator to the penthouse of the tribecca rooftop. yes, i could have easily burned my dress on these.

the place for cocktail hour

tables of food!

yes they had seafood

the lobster was for show, they didn't have lobster!

crab claws!!!! and raw oysters! i should have kept eating them!

they had asian inspired food, and stuff, but i was all about the raw bar!

and the night was filled with these, pomegranate martinis. note there wasn't really any pomegranate in these.

insane centerpiece!

reception area

our centerpiece had real life goldfish in it! its sad to think what happened to these fishes after the reception

so much silverware!

they got edwin mccain to sing their first song as man and wife. he cost 100k to sing 3 songs. plus hotel, and airfare. He looks really bloated, didn't he used to look like thinner? anyways he sang his dawson song...I'll be the greatest hero of your LIFFFEEE!

portabella mushroom salad with yuck! goat cheese

Chilean sea bass

filget mignon.

strawberries dipped in chocolate

pastry things

wedding cake. it was marshmallow and strawberry and vanilla

out on the terrace

me taking pictures of the skyline. Yes that is me, in my dress with such a low back. it was very long and came with a tail.

people dancing

the bride

the cake

the bently they rode in on

and that's me, infront of some tree that u saw when u walked in before the elevator...yes thats me, i'm a real person and a real girl no doubt! gasp!

action shot of me stuffing my face yet again! damn too bad i didn't have spanx for that dress

I found that dress at loehmans for 40 bucks. it fit me and didn't need to be hemmed. i was lucky to say the least. my hair? i went to the hair salon to get it done, but they were super packed, and i thought they were gonna charge me more but they didn't. they washed it and blow dried it and the guy using a hair brush curled my hair with the hair dryer! i was like what? aren't u gonna use a curling iron? nope, he curled it around and around and used the heat of the blow dryer to do it, and used hair serum in my hair before and after, and used hairspray on the front part, i was pretty impressed that he was able to do it with a hairbrush!

not bad for a hairbrush and no curling iron. yes see my true face, its a smilie face! (and that's cause I'm not wearing any makeup! LOL)

To those of you that read my other blog. I'm ok. Thanks for just being there and reading so i don't feel like i'm totally insane and alone. I'm surviving, and i'm spinning Pink's song. Dear god what's wrong with me! I think I've completely lost my mind at this point! i don't need you! And guess what? I'm having more fun and now that we're done, I'm gonna show you tonight! I'm alright, I'm just fine! And you're a tool! So so what?

I'm ok. In the end I'm always ok.

Tonight drinking with the girls! Like I said...when life gives you fucking lemons, make fucking mojitos and drink! Lemonade is for girls in high school!

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xppinkx said...

your one hot bitch...

what a luxurious venue...old money ey???...I CANT BELIVE THEY SERVED CHILEAN SEA BASS...that fish is going to be extinct...from what i hear...how baller is that ...100 K for a fat man to sing...what the hell do they do for a living...i wanna see the slideshow...upload that shit woman...i hope people will ask for your services...your hell of a rich bride and groom should spread the word...remind me if i ever meet you im pushing you down and humping your bare milky back...and that 1st picture i didnt even recognize you...you look stunning and whoever did your makeup did an awesome job!you look stunning prey....that dress is gorgeous how come you didn't take a full length pic i wanna see how the bottom looks like and for 40 bucks!!!!looks haute to me! that blue is a good color on you...god i sound obnoxious...but this has to be one of my fav posts...cuz you were beautifully in the mix...

that smile in the end of the post looks like a child being burned...and your just over seeing...

laughing my arse off...


xppinkx said...


and are you serious about the people stealing office supplies...

like what staplers or for the good stuff...comps and TP????

New york must be a fun place right about now...

Fei said...

Fuck me, but I think I want a black tie wedding now.

Love Pink. That song actually reminded me of our very own pink here.

40 bucks is such a steal for that dress! Obviously, it was waiting for your ass to come find it, because you rocked that outfit.

SUGABUM said...

WHAT!??!?! Prey has a face!?!? She really does have eyes, not fire balls, behind those sunglasses! You look stunning, dear! The dress looks lovely on you and I love that last picture of you. The wedding food looked gooooood.

And...DOUBLE WHAT!?!?!?! Prey has another blog?!!?! WTF, how come I didn't know. =( Can you send me the link?

Chug those mojitos and feel better sweetie!

ainstein said...

finally i could put a face behind etherealprey! woot!
OMG i love raw oysters! if i was at the wedding, i'd pull up a chair and sit next to that seafood galore. if somebody reaches in and takes food, they will get the hand smack!
fcuk! i want me a black tie wedding. but bleh my father is way too cheap for that shiznit. edwin mccain cost 100k?! wtf! maybe he needs money since he's a "has been"
the food looks sooooooooo delicious!
im glad ur doing ok. douchebags go to hell period! everything always turn out ok in the end, you just needed time. i hope things will keep lookin up for u! *hugs*

ChyiX2 said...

OMG! The pic of you stuffing your face, your hair looks so gorgeous it could be from an old hollywood still. There's a glamorous feel to it...am I making sense here?

Vanessa said...

I love your hair! And you are gorgy! And that dress is HAWT! I love the way low back looks!