where have i been? make up, mooching, and eating that's what!

nowhere actually, and then in fact everywhere. when life gives you lemons, you go out and make mojitos out of them. why stay at home and be miserable when you can go out and party? yes party party party. that way you don't have to think much.

what did i do 9/11 you ask? surprisingly i had made an appointment at the benefit counter, which i don't remember doing. anyways they called me the night before and said yeah you have an appt. um ok. i went cause i wanted to check out the new powderflage product they came out with.

the new pink powder that higlights and covers up your flaws and crap. it came in a small ball and a TINY fan brush. damn it was TINY!

Apparently they gave me free flavored water, and a free makeover using their benefit products on me. hey whatever, moving on right? And as always they always loose my appt or forget that i'm coming, so they squeeze me in, and i had a funny make up artist, she was young and funny. we were chatting it up, and she was having fun putting make up on me, while i asked her many questions like where is my crease? where is the apple of my cheek? how do you know where to start the highlight process? do you have to use a brush to apply this product?

so these are all the products she used on me. the primer smelled like raspberry and was cooling and supposedly had reflecting stuff. she used some kind of gorgeous foundation faker thing. it was a cream she applied with a brush and it dried silky powdery dry. its pretty sheer but gives you light enough coverage, to cover up my pores and stuff. She used that posey tint on me, and it was pinker and less harsher than the benetint one that was red. she said the red sometimes looks too harsh on people. and she also used the posey on my lips for a natural stain. well i honestly couldn't tell. she used the high brow pencil under my brow to make it look brighter and open it up. she also used it on my cheekbone or above it to highlight. She used the erase paste under my eyes, she said i didn't have any dark circles so i was glad. she then used the powerflauge product with a sponge and then the tiny brush to brush and blend it away. i didn't notice. she used the bad gal mascara on me. i have to say she was using those disposable applicators but she was like pumping it hard out of the mascara tube, and then she realized it was dry, and so she used another tube, i was like err...the eyes she used the big beautiful eyes palette.

Overall I think she did a good, job, except for my eye makeup, i don't think she's done a lot of asian eyes with no double eyelids and she didn't blend as well. She was friendly and nice and I ended up buying the high brow pencil since i don't have anything like that and because i see that the Anastasia kit comes with a under the eyebrow highlighting thing. plus i saw vanessa at necessary make up use it too.

so this is what she did. i feel as if she didn't blend enough. what do you think? also she applied the mascara to the bottom lashes lightly. you can't tell can you? i can tell you that a few hours later the damn mascara got under my eye badly! one eye had severe panda eye! i was like WTF? screw you bad gal mascara! never buying you!

tents at bryant park. ugh, watching a bunch of ugly wanna be anorexic women wear what they think is high fashion trot around in hideous gladiator shoes, and i do mean hideous with their clubbed feet and hammertoes pretending that they could be mistaken for models was beyond annoying. Real models are just taller and thinner and sorry just look better than you. leave the modeling of high fashion to the real models and just move on! Also photographers know who the real models are and they're only flirting with you and flattering you bc they think you're dumb and you're gonna give it up.

allure sent me a free chanel mascara! yay! i love free stuff! keep it coming! i'll fill out more annoying surveys for you if you're gonna be sending me chanel!

this is like their new mascara or something. i hope its better than the imitatable one. it has some new brush technology or something.

it came with directions on the proper way of applying this mascara to get the perfect length, curl and volume.

i ended up at my friend's apt at some point last week for some reason. anyways his wife made food to break the fast. They're muslim and its Ramadan. They are Pakistani so I don't know the names of all the foods.

a red sweet flowerly drink with basil seeds in it


samosas! with meat!

rice and peas

not sure what this was, you put it over the rice

fruit salad!

I have to say the food didn't agree with me too well, and left me extremely gassy for the rest of the night, not in a good way. So I won't be eating there anytime soon.

pics coming up of the black tie wedding i went to over the weekend. who the fuck has black tie weddings anymore? apparently ppl in ny it seems. i also made them this slideshow, cause everyone loves a slideshow don't they? it wasn't the stupid lame fade in and fade out static slide show. i kicked major ass. i made ppl CRY! hellz yeah goddamnit! well at the rehearsal dinner they cried. damn i am good, even though i fucking stayed up late till like 6 am cause final cut kept crashing, and i had to use the new version of imovie which royally sucks btw, rendering it didn't take too long, i sent it to idvd, burned it and delivered it. I even curled my hair for the rehearsal dinner too. Maybe I should post a pic. when life gives you lemons, you make mojitos or lemon drop shots. party in the meantime so you have fun.

more pics coming up.

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Vanessa said...

Ugh I hate bad gal mascara too! Luckily I got a sample of it but damn it sucks! Then I tried the Too Faced Pinpoint Lash Injection mascara (and usually Too Faced products don't let me down) but that one sucked too and it was super DRY! I think i'll stay trusty to my L'Oreal Telescopic mascara....so when are you gonna post up hot pics of you from Photofunia???!! And why are you still awake!?? Haha it's only 11:00 here in smell A!

xppinkx said...


im comming down next week to do some crap...im staying in jersey to vist my half jew cuzzie!...but i'll be in the city...i cant wait!!! i have been craving jap ramen...anything good on the radar?

BTW im looking at your eye makeup...she sucks!...i get weary of random people doing my makeup...would you let me do your makeup...i wont make you look like a porn star...well maybe...but the high paid ones!

MakeupByRenRen said...

mmm i love samosas...indian/pakistani food doesn't agree with me sometimes, lol...it's the heaviness of the food...i think the benefit artist is just like most artists out there...can't do asian eyes...that's how it usually is unfortunately

ainstein said...

ahh that ma totally sucked at putting eye makeup. you can't even tell there was mascara on ur bottom lashes! life's been giving me a whole lotta lemons lately but i cant seem to make lemonade out of it *shrug*

SUGABUM said...

"I have to say the food didn't agree with me too well, and left me extremely gassy for the rest of the night, not in a good way."

Can you ever be gassy in a good way? lol.

I agree with everyone, the MA did a poor job with the eye makeup. Are you liking the high brow pencil? And if you've tried the Anastasia brow stuff, which do you think is better?

And holy crap, you go to a lot of weddings!