Weezer! and bootlegging!

last night, weezer concert @ MSG here in NYC. I have to say the last time i saw weezer was 3 years ago, and that's cause i won free tix to see them. yeah that was nice. free tix to see weezer, course the seats we had weren't that great, but hell, free is free right? this time around at msg, the tix were pricy! we got floor seats magically so we were able to see them and hear them better.

where we were sitting.

security were totally up on everyone, keep the aisle clear. they didn't care we were taking pics and vids of the show. no standing in the aisle. no standing on the chairs. geez. i guess thats cause years back, when NIN had a show there, and it was a similar set up, the ppl sitting on the floor, said SCREW THIS, threw the chairs aside and turned the whole floor into a giant pit. hee hee. needless to say the ppl at msg were like WTF?! haa haa! Its nails what do you expect?

Tokyo police club. they were ok.

angels and airwaves set up. omg tom from blink lost his freaking mind!

there's tom!

he's got lasers!

weezer!!!! singing pink triangle!

check out that awesome LED screen!

and this is me as a bootlegger! lol. took some vids of the show. not as much as my friend did who brought his vid camera along. yes. *excellent* hee hee. got a bunch of good vids which will be uploaded. they did a cover of oasis's morning glory which about 10 ppl knew. they also did a cover of Nirvana's silver. which 15 ppl knew the words to.

clip of sweater song with tom delonge from Jenn W on Vimeo.

yup that's tom from angels and airwaves singing the sweater song with weezer. pretty awesome. sad that blink no longer exists...sigh

clip of gone fishing from Jenn W on Vimeo.
this is a clip of gone fishing. i like this song, but there are no muppets here.

there are FAR too many 10 year olds there. which seriously makes me wonder wtf is up with this? what's sadder is that they had their old parents come with them to see the concert. LAME. plus a bunch of ppl were sneaking around trying move closer and closer. one retard tried to jump over both railings to get into the general standing floor area. very sad. got caught cause he was a retard and made too much noise attempting to jump.

I don't understand why some girls get so dressed up to a concert. Ain't nobody looking at you and no he won't see you from the stage. I always wear a mini that barely covers my ass to a concert with heels to show off my kankles and fat thighs. I also like to apply lipgloss religiously to show off to the guys there, half which are 10 and the other half are parents. then there's the younger crowd who's there with their fugly gf's who need to drink more beer to make their gf's less ugly. yes wearing a mini trying to be a groupie will get me backstage. no not really. sorry thunder thighs, rivers has a raging asian fetish, and i do mean RAGING, I had a better shot of getting back stage than you did. He's got the yellow fever. yes i'm aware he's married to a a japanese girl!

my name is jonas clip from Jenn W on Vimeo.
they opened with this with the white jumpsuits and trampolines. yay trampolines!

a fun time was had by all. though i feel old going to these concerts now. weezer was a band that started off in my generation, now that they're grown up and stuff and i'm older, all these fucking kids are there that don't know what the blue album is, they don't know anything except what's on the radio, they don't know the covers they did from oasis, or nirvana, cmon i'm not that fucking old!

i swear when i felt really old was the time i went to see evanescence, before she went crazy, when it was the original lineup, and they played here at webster hall for 15 bucks, they did a cover of zero by the pumpkins, and no one knew it, i swear i must have been part of the 3 ppl that knew that song there. it was filled with a bunch of wannabe emo kids that think my chemical romance is hard rock. dear god what is the world coming to? i was like OMFG smashing pumpkins aren't old! they're not ancient, and how do you NOT know zero?! yeah i felt old then....wtf is wrong with kids these days?

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Russian Fortune Cookie said...

I knew every song you mentioned!

... I'm a loser, I've never been to any rock concerts before. I'd LOVE to see Weezer.

MakeupByRenRen said...

whoa how do all these young kids know about weezer? I would be annoyed too!