a little rain

so what's a little rain anyways? it was some hurricane or something that was downgraded. Anyways it rained like crazy. i went to hang out with my friends downtown, and it rained and rained, and so i thought it wasn't so bad, so i headed out, OMFG. It was raining from all sides, windy as hell, and I went outside, around the corner and halfway down the block, before my umbrella flipped inside out, i turned it back, my shoes were soaked, my jeans were soaked, and my hair went crazy frizzy. If that were even possible for asian hair.

yeah it was like no joke. i headed back quickly as the water started to get my shirt wet and went down my back. my friend was nice and let me stay the night, he was like yeah its pretty nasty outside, and we ordered wraps. then he passed out and i watched a cheesy episode of baywatch, damn how was that show on the air for so long? Could it be the bikini clad chicks running around? maybe. then i watched jason and the argonauts. damn that was a long movie. too long. meanwhile we were trying to find all the inaccuracies in the movie.

Anyways found out that astroland in coney island is closing forever today. how sad. it seems like its been there forever and now its gone. some stupid corporate crap where some people did some stupid moves and sigh, there is no more astroland.

it seems sad that something that's been there so long is gonna be gone and lost forever.

the cyclone is now a historic landmark and no one can tear it down or touch it. being that its old and rickety and made of wood i highly doubt anyone wants to get on it, but hey whatever.

i'm gonna spend this sunday looking back on some stuff, looking inward at myself, and enjoying the sunny day. its much cooler now after the rain. and the sun is out in full force.

also watching degrassi the next generation, its not the same as the original one. but watching them all grown up in the new series well that's just weird and creepy, kinda like watching 90210 and kelly is the guidance counselor. like damn did amanda bynes's show didn't pan out well for her?

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SUGABUM said...

The rain sucked so much!! I was wearing flat sandals stuck in the rain and I was forced to step into puddles to get across the streets. And when I finally got on the bus, I had bit and pieces of soaked paper/street crap stuck on my legs (was wearing a dress), eww eww eww. I have to start remembering to check the weather before heading out.

It sucks that Astroland is closing down. I was there 2 or 3 years back. That shit is fucking far. We drove and it was still far.