lameness, lockdown and slideshow

just when you think its ok to post pics of yourself on the net, someone reminds you of the brutal harsh nature of the internet. and just a few days ago i thought hey, its ok to post pics of myself on my blog, i want ppl to realize there's more to me than just food porn. course i get reminded of stupid shit. sending my blog down into lockdown again. my myspace and facebook are already on lockdown, i've taken down my messengers and email. i really don't like it when ppl that don't know me call me by my real name and then say some other shit that's my business and run their mouth. fucking pisses me off. creepy too.

here's the lame slideshow i did. yes i did not put it on youtube for obvious reasons. it looks better on a bigger screen but goddamn blogger is only so big. imovie sucks for sound. the new version sucks, i hate it. i would have tweeked the sound better to fade out but hell at 6 am i didn't care anymore. yes i know the font and titles are weird, but look its not the normal fade in and fade out. and no i didn't sit there in after effects to make the whole thing. i cheated a little hee hee. shhh don't tell anyone...

slideshow from Etherealprey on Vimeo.

back on lockdown!

*edit* yes who has a 10 min slideshow? that's what I wanna know too! No i did not pick out the music for this. Obviously I wouldn't have picked out those tracks. blogger apparently doesn't like my vimeo so the display dimensions are screwed up. wtf? but you get the idea of it.

2 stalkers:

ainstein said...

damn that was a long slideshow! good job though... i love the songs.
does lockdown mean no more sightings of ur pretty face? no0o0o0oo0o but i do understand how ppl get creepy.

SUGABUM said...

coool slideshow!...but wow, super long. sorry, i'm a little behind on reading blogs. gunna read all your recent posts now!