Hungover, hung up and greasefest!

My hardcore partying ways must take a short break. $5 lychee martinis are a bad thing when you're out partying with the ladies. so i drank too much, lost my eyelashes and severely burnt out a bit. i was massively hung over the next morning. i think the ladies aren't going to go drinking with me for a while. time to find new ladies. and so i did a little retail therapy cause hell i needed to feel better.

Rite aid was having BOGO on their cover girl stuff. i figured ok, let's try this big huge orange mascara. Let me try the other one too. Hell i don't feel guilty it was 8 bucks.

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After drinking a ton of water, and apologizing to my gfs who probably have my blacklisted since i'm such a lush. I decided that the best thing to do was to go out, yes into the sun, face the world, and go to san gennero here in nyc and get some greasy food! Yes hung over + greasy food = great amusement! yes it was super crowded and i was hung over, but hell, you gotta face the day.

here we go!

yeah nobody was able to knock him sad...

powdered sugar ftw!

more sugar!

cheesy games

oh yeah make me some sausage and peppers plz!

yes i want some deep fried oreoes!

yes make me a sandwich!

this put greasy to a whole new level! when i bit into it, all the hot oil came oozing out burning my finger! but SO good, garlic bread holding the onions, cheese and steak....*drool*

this guy had a cat on his head, it sat there while he walked around

this dumb ugly fat skank got in my way, ain't nobody want to see you, we all looking at the cat who's on the dude's head. i guess the cat didn't want to walk with the common folk. and yes his cat is nekkid.

the spinning round thing!

deep fried goodness!

grilling of the octopus, then they harvest it for the ink, where do you think ink comes from? every time you write with your pen you're killing them! stop killing octopus and paper, just send an email

more raw oysters!


free samples of their coffee, yeah pass on that

zomg! i so wanted one of these, so i could drink it on some warm tropical beach working on my tan...sigh...a girl can dream can't she?

i'm so not getting on that

its the ferris wheel...of DEATH!!!!

mini merry go round...of DEATH!!!!

I'm never getting on any of those rides, its a death trap. its fun to watch yes, but watched too many of those under cover things to know that no one really pays attention and ur life is in the hands of a stoned teenager and rusty metal. I'll pass on that.

Also I didn't post before, the shoes i wore with my blue dress. i bought these awhile ago at a sample sale of course for like 20 bucks, i had nothing to wear them with, but oh yeah they came out with the dress and it was awesome! I love me some bling.

yes betsey comes through again with lovely glitter polly. i always wanted the pink one but could never find them on sale and i couldn't justify 200 bucks for glitter shoes.

heading to the nudie bar cause my friend who got his divorced finalized is gonna go celebrate his freedom. awesome for him. i'll go along and watch cause its fun. and cause i pick the hottest strippers. i guess girls do have a higher standard of hotness besides lots of silicone. also looks like we're heading to lucky chengs tom to celebrate someone's bday. go figure. lots of craziness will ensue. i had a bachelorette party there. The food was so so, not the greatest you know? you go there for the show, its all about the show. and its highly entertaining.

and as always there is food porn coming up!

3 stalkers:

Fei said...

Yes, AA jersey at full price is a ripoff.

The glitter shoes would be so Dorothy gone stripper if they were red.

You sound like me. I drink and drink and drink... Grease is the best hangover food!

MakeupByRenRen said...

mmmm lychee martinis? the fair looks like so much fun! my bf and i love to do those kinda things together...i agree, girls definitely have a higher standard of taste...guys never point out things like when there roots or tracks are showing lol

iamgrape1119 said...

I LOVE fair food! They are all heart attack on a plate but DELICIOUS! My fave fair food are Elephant Ears and Smoky turkey legs...YUM!