halloween costumes! and other stuff

i'm still searching for a halloween costume. how lame am i? its almost oct right? so this year, i'm thinking between alice in wonderland or little red riding hood. right now i'm leaning towards little red riding hood. cause i want to walk around with a wolf's head in my basket. course all the costumes out there are fucking skank city! i can't exactly walk around with my ass hanging out. i'm not 20 anymore! i'm a little bit older and in a few months i'll be at that age where i'm just repeating the same birthday over and over again. anyways. was searching for a horribly mangled up little red riding hood that got in a fight with the wolf. so these are the costumes i dug up.

look long sleeves! And its velvet, so its a little better than most of the crap costumes out there, but it costs a bit more, the cape/cloak is kinda crappy looking

i see this costume a lot. do i want to look like everyone else?

kinda blah

this was the look i was going for, but when you read what it comes with, its a ripped up shirt and skirt and hood, not the greatest

this is made by playboy so it s a little bit better than most. Its pretty slutty yes. but for some reason i would wear it, being that its' velvet and just looks better overall you know?

i only like this one cause she's wearing boots...lol...

but i hope to find a good costume soon, cause I'll definitely be carrying one of these!

or one of these.

they're billing this one as alice in gothland. though it comes with almost everything shown here, its not that bad, i may use it as little red riding hood and find a cape/cloak elsewhere. What are you going to be for halloween? plz don't dress up your pet, they don't appreciate that, and my ferret would kill me if i dared to do that to her.

someone asked what kind of camera I use to take food porn pics with. I use a Leica d-lux 3. yes leica the same one they used in eurotrip. remember that happy movie?

its a pretty light camera. a bit big but it takes good pics. i'm not sure what all the settings do yet. their cameras are suppose to last a while so i'm happy.

i'm also glad you guys were amused by the pics i posted of the black tie wedding, i'm surprised how well i cleaned up. yes the dress and the hair, made me look classy hee hee. And Chi even said it reminded her of old hollywood, which i take as a huge compliment.

I can see why Gwen loves to do the old hollywood look, thinner brows, bright red lipstick, and black eyeliner, i have yet to find an awesome red lipstick.

more pics to upload, a vid to upload for the slideshow cause i'm lazy, i'm very lethargic these days. Mascara reviews on the chanel one i got for free, and the cover girl blast and some other crap. thanks to those that read and leave me comments, thanks to those that stop by to see what i'm up to. at least i know someone's reading it.

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MakeupByRenRen said...

i love the idea of the wolf head in the basket he he...i think you should definitely rock boots with your outfit :)

xppinkx said...

I like the chick with the boots...its the best looking outfit out of all of them

soooo red hoood skip my way and bring me my bread and butter biatch!