Get the F!@# out of my face!

A few things. Stressed out. got my serviced offered to the SO's boss for his stupid black tie wedding, apparently i'm editing video and doing an intro video to their 10 slideshow. oh god how can anyone have a 10 min slideshow? are u literally that full of yourself and think that ppl want to see your ass for 10 min? ugh. anyways doing a crash course in after effects to do a nice intro. that's like the one program i didn't learn in school. wtf right?

dry spell. yes move on.

missed a friend's wedding. i feel pretty bad. my friend from high school got married. and i said i was gonna go but through the drama and stress i totally forgot. i'm such a bad friend! i spaced and forgot, and i realized it last night! i was like NOOOO! and then today my other friends are like where the fuck where you sunday? shit!!!! i gots to send him a card and a check. bad me i know. sigh.

freelance sucks. idiots who don't know shit about web 101 should not be telling me that they want this and that. meanwhile i have to explain it to their dumb asses why you need a home button, and why the search is on the front page and NOT hidden away in the about us subpage for contact us. which is retarded!

another douche at another start up company. wants me to be a "field reporter" wants 40 hours and only an hourly wage. hmmm. he called today and sounded very confused and unsure. he requested that i bring 2 forms of id, and my ss card and 3 references. can you say identity theft? i asked him why. he said he wanted to run a background check. riight. douche doesn't have an office so he wants to meet in ghetto queens center. hmmm, you're so NOT stealing my identity. also plz learn to read a resume before calling the person and realize i know html and css, and not ask me if i do or not. kinda makes you look retarded.

also 9/11 is coming and up goddamnit living in nyc, its like omfg ppl, cmon mOVE ON, let's move on already! i pass by ground 0 a lot and it royally pisses me off, the amount of stupid tourists there, standing there taking pictures, blocking everyone, the idiot people selling stupid photos of 9/11 of the planes crashing into the buildings for 13.95, the whiny ppl who demand that progress be stopped and that everyone be found. ugh. what happened was truly horrible. it was, but it was how long now? people please MOVE ON! What's worse are those dumbfucks in middle america or some place NOT in nyc, and didn't have any fucking relatives or friends that were there, or even involved, and yet they feel this overwhelming grief and crap like that. stop being a drama queen, it didn't really affect you. you don't need to go to support groups. You just live a very sad life.

ppl are saying we should have a memorial, we should remember, i think everyone will fucking remember what happened! and i think that everyone wants to fucking move on already! no, we're not gonna find everyone, no we're not gonna recover all the bodies, stop going against progress and let them build something already! its been how many years and its still a damn hole in the ground. ugh.

One of the reasons why i'm ranting so much is because in grad school, there was this girl, this 30+ year old female, you would think she would be i dunno mature and act her fucking age, but no. apparently her bf died in 9/11 and she carries herself like she's a fucking victim and wants to be treated like a 9/11 widow. i'm like wtf? you're NOT a widow, he was your bf, and guess what? you're not a fucking widow! at first when she told ppl they would go oh. then it started getting repetitive. yes we know your bf died in 9/11, some of us wondered just exactly how long they dated, the way she was acting. she wanted to be treated like a 9/11 widow, and no one dared to say anything bad about her. well, let's just say some drama was caused and i was stuck in it. god how do i get myself into these messes.

I didn't really like homegirl cause she wanted special treatment. And it was for something that she didn't deserve in the sense that she wasn't a widow, she didn't have kids or ties to the family. i mean cmon , you're the gf, you break up and then what you move on. i googled her bf's name, and DAMN the stuff I found was like wow. attention whore anyone? home girl got around, she went to almost any outlet that would talk and would give interviews, talk about how much in love they were and how perfect they were for each other. in fact she even went and signed her name on several online sites stating that all mesg should be directed to this other sight and signed it as the gf. meanwhile everyone else is signing it friend, childhood friend, co worker, aunt, cousin, and she signs gf proudly. sigh. i know i sound so mean you're thinking, oh no....

see homegirl decided she wanted to date one of my guy friends. its easier for me to be friends with a guy than a girl. So she dates him for less than a month. He tells me he's not into her, that she's interesting but she's way too intense and wants a stable relationship and is too much into that. he obviously wasn't into a whole seriously relationship thing within 2 weeks of dating. anyways he told me he was gonna break things off with her, and he was going to use the lamest line ever. well one of the lamest lines ever. he was going to say he needed space. OMFG. I told him DO NOT use that on her. i told him it was just as bad its not you its me line. course he retard doesn't listen. and he tells her, she gets mad obviously as she thought she was going to be in a meanigful, long lasting, intense relationship. ok so when that didn't pan out well for her guess what? she turns and looks at me.

OMFG everyone! everyone! Prey stole MY bf! She's a bf stealer! i can't possibly accept the fact that some guy was just not into me, and didn't want to date me so i have to point the finger elsewhere so i can make my old self feel better, being that i'm also a 9/11 widow i'm such a victim and no one will ever doubt me, because what i say is gospel! my bf died in 9/11.

and this is the part where it starts to get ugly. mind you i was attached to someone at that point. mind you this was my guy friend, yes for realz he was just a friend and way too young for me. mind you she started saying shit about me behind my back to other ppl, rather than fucking confronting me and saying it to my face. Mind you this fucking 30+ year old bitch can't fucking act her age and acts like she's in high school! Mind you she's fucking crazy!!!!

OMG she totally stole my bf! everyone hate her while i spread rumors about her and treat myself like i am a widow and should be treated with the utmost respect.

my reaction was WTF is wrong with you crazy bitch?! are you fucking out of your mind? are you out of your fucking mind to be saying that? did we cross into bizzaro land?! are people taking retard pills? of course the guys had to believe her and treat her like a widow.

some of my female friends looked at me strange, and then i realized they really weren't my friends. others spoke to me and didn't understand why the crazy bitch went on like that. plz bitch if i wanted your bf he would be mine ok? but i got a man and i don't need yours, so deal with the fact that you're a crazy bitch and no man wants that.

Course homegirl was smart, she made it a point to always be with someone when she came into the lab where i was, cause she knew i'd go up to her and smack some sense into her. and her fucking my bf died in 9/11 bs wouldn't work on me. i see through her estrogen plan. she knew i would have said something to her face, rather than say it behind her back. i think that's why she always had someone with her.

rather than accept defeat that it really was her and not him, she choose to live in denial. so sad, you would think she would act like a grown up she's 30+ years old!

but in the end it didn't matter! I prevailed, I wasn't some bitter old crazy bitch running around spreading rumors. People had to have wised up by her psycho ways. I mean cmon...crazy bitch or the food pornographer? i've actually seen her a few times downtown, where i just completely ignored her and walked on, being that i don't want to give her anymore of my time, and the fact that she'll probably go around and say i'm stalking her. she's totally crazy. not just a little, but a lot. at the end the lesson learned was that, 30 year olds are crazy and immature bitches as well, and that using stupid lines to break up with ppl is a really bad idea.

and that i do believe that 9/11 was truly horrible, and i had friends that worked there, but got out ok, so i am grateful for that, but bitches who act like they should be treated like a widow when it was their bf that they dated for like 2 years shouldn't really be fucking talking! esp if you've moved on and are dating someone else! you're not a victim, you're just milking it for all its worth, and its time to stop!

if you are offended by what i said, tough. its time to MOVE ON people...its still a hole in the ground and it should be something more. if you go against progress you let the terrorists win.

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iamgrape1119 said...

Your post is just WAY too hilarious! I was cracking up the whole time!!

StilettoRed said...

lol holy crap, that is some funny shiz. The animated Pictures made the visuals a lot easier to picture you steaming up and cursing silently at her. :) What a kooky world we live in . Besides, she knew you could kick her ass. :P

gp said...

kind of aggravating that life in general will never move beyond highschool tactics. only other thing you can do besides being angry is pity people like her for their lack of substance, knowing they really do live in their own personal hell.


ainstein said...

love the visuals! LOL i could totally picture you doing that

Diastein said...

Loved how honest you projected your feelings. Keep it up! Kudos to the animated pics.

Russian Fortune Cookie said...

I feel awful because I laughed out loud on a post about 9/11. Ohmaigawd! I am a bad American!

Actually, one of my Ukrainian friends is convinced that 9/11 was an inside job. Hmm.

Btw, loved the anime visuals :P