coney island!

coney island, all the way in brooklyn, ugh, i hate traveling in brooklyn, and coney island is freaking FAR in brooklyn. Even though i left from chinatown, it still took forever to get there. Plus the amount of stupid annoying kids on the train was far too annoying. Pretending to be cute is just annoying. so STFU!

Astroland is closed sunday, forever. since the people who owned Astroland sold the property that astroland was on, to Thor equities. I don't know why they sold it to them in 2006 but they did. and of course they didn't want to renew her lease. i don't know why they did this. Back in the day some people who owned Nathans bought the land that astroland sits on to keep the nyc parks dept from getting their hands on it and gave it to the ppl who owned astroland. So i really don't understand WHY they decided to sell the land to someone else and then think oh yeah they'll renew the lease. I mean am I missing something here? Is this just bad management?

Anyways onto the pictures! It was a lovely day there, besides commuting to brooklyn and all that other drama that happened, which i will rant about later.

walking along the boardwalk

shops along the boardwalk

mango flower!

me eating the mango flower! rawwwr! so attractive I know right? the sun was seriously beating down on my pale self

nathan's on the boardwalk, notice now stupid ppl love to get into my picture and ruin it. ain't nobody want to see your dumbass, get the hell out of my pic!

hamburger man with a rocket, go figure

ladies performing the pussycat's song, ugh. they were promoting their show

the beach

the sun going down, I was there for a bit, thinking, and clearing my head. I was also watching the giant seagulls fly around. there i drew doodles in the sand and then started to dig a hole. I was reminded of the movie in the mood for love. God that was a sad movie. I have yet to see the sequel 2046.

damn that movie made me cry. anyways for those of you who haven't seen it i won't ruin the end. but i will say that i don' t cry in movies. when rose pushed jack off the door and into the ice cold water it was for survival, she didn't let go, she just shoved him off to save her own skin! lol!

Anyways digressing, in the mood for love, in that movie what they said was that when you had a secret that u didn't want to share, that you would go up a mountain, find a tree, carve a hole in it, and whisper the secret into the hole. Then they covered it with mud. And leave the secret there forever. so dramatic and poetic. god when i watched the movie years ago in the theatre it was like OMFG! *weeps like a girl*

so that's what i did, i buried my secret in the sand and went back to the boardwalk to walk around and see astroland one last time.

the cyclone

sun's gone

coney island at night

and soon it would all be gone, all the rides and booths and such. how sad. the wonder wheel and the cyclone roller coaster made of wood are landmarks and won't be destroyed and will continue to operate. sadly the other things won't survive. they plan on taking apart the rides within the next few months, even though Thor, the ppl who own the property say they will try to bring in new rides, but who knows.

eating greasy food!

lots of ppl were lining up for that ride, lots of ghetto loud ppl. ugh.

wonder wheel!

guy crapping and vomiting, last year when i saw him he was just shooting out water and stuff all over, they turned him off along with the ride that he was part of too, kinda sad that its the end...

the big nathans! There was a horrid line for the bathroom there, the ladies room line was horrible. but there were these ghetto ppl who were incredibly vulgar and rude, screaming out obscenities, going you ladies take so long going to the bathroom cause you gotta pull ur skirt and panties down and bleep bleep bleep, and i gotta just bleep bleep, i was like WTF? OMFG maybe i can start to see why they want to shut down astroland, its to get rid of the massive amount of ghetto people that are there.

the place lights up at night

coney island train station, yes the E doesn't work, typical, i think its the ghetto ppl that are there.

me at the beach at sunset

an image from last year, the amount of garbage ppl make is amazing.

had to take the train back, and it was roughly an hour and half to get back, ugh it was bad. for some reason the cart i was in a bunch of stupid loud ghetto kids decided to start making noise, screaming, yelling, jumping and hanging on the poles like apes. it was a zoo in there, they were screaming and yelling, pretending to be raped. that kinda annoyed me like wtf? do you need attention that badly? they were fighting, jumping into each other and pushing each other's heads into poles and doors. it was obvious they wanted attention and when we left to go to the next cart they were all upset making more noise. i was like wtf is wrong with kids? ghetto kids on the 53st stop in brooklyn, that's where al the ghetto ppl are. and you wonder why minority kids get a bad rap, cause of idiots like them. too bad they didn't get hurt maybe then they'd finally shut up. i've never met such attention whores like these before, then again if they live in ghetto areas and neglected by parents and end up working asking if they want fries with that, then maybe that's the existence they deserve.

Again I hate children.

Summer is over now, time for fall, time to bundle up, cover up, break out the moisturizer, and deep fry a turkey. time to go shopping, time to wear the boots, time to wear hats and scarves and gloves.

later summer, it was fun to look back at you but now its over.

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xppinkx said...


i didn't even know they sold fresh mangoes at coney that even possible...i thought everything was fried, in hot dogs, or blasted with ghetto-nastiness...

i went to coney island for a 4th of july once when my sister lived in flatbush...thank god i was stoned...everything seemed a bit more animated for me...

it' sad that there tearing it down...i love the movie BIG...

i love tony leung esp. in that movie when he has all those sex scenes...he's sooo skinny though...but i heard he is gay...hmmmmmmmmmm

Vanessa said...

awww I know I heard that they were closing on the sad! I never even been and wanted to go, and now it's just done, boo!

Oh I don't keep my brushes in the bathroom, I just took a pic of it since the bathroom has better lighting LOL. But I keep it on my vanity...

Aprecia said...

My heart nearly drop when i heard that coney was closing for good. I used to live in that area. But i did went there last month to watch the firework specials.

You got to watch 2046!! It's sooo freaking good along with perhaps love (tony isnt in this one tho but takeshi is). I have yet to see in the mood for love