b*tchslap across the face

when life starts crowding in on all corners of your existence, what do you do? when you party hard and drink bc you can, and your body crashes what do you do? u find your get out of jail card and get the *beep* out of here, that's for sure! currently, my new plan since partying hard had turned up into me being a drunken mess is to go visit my friend in NC. Yes there I will be getting drunk for less, cow tipping, and burning up my depressed mind. Yes that's the plan. brilliant yes? no not really. but its the goal for now. i so need to get the *bleep* out of this city.

I need to find new ppl to hang with, considering the currently group is pissing me off. one is pregnant and will ONLY eat halal food, or vegetarian being that she has to stay away from seafood. goddamnit! we try to be accommodating but seriously tis getting to the point of OMFG stop being a fucking picky drama queen! i really don't fucking feel like eating indian food like all the fucking time. please keep your closed mindedness at home, if that's what you want to eat and do. mexican, spanish and cuban food are NOT the same cuisine, i should also say indian, pakistani, and arab food is all the same then. oh you get offended? good. royally pissed off doesn't cover it. walking around bc someone doesn't want to eat this or that, or anything but indian. hellz fucking no, i don't need to be sitting on the shitter cause you want to eat indian food. i'm seriously considering looking on craigslist for new ppl now.

Oh and i missed the oyster festival. yes i'm somewhat PISSED about that.

i like to drink Guinness, cause its heavy and i can drink 2 and feel full in a odd way. goddamn i missed the oyster festival. and i like the oysters.

close minded ppl need to go. need new friends. won't some of you be my new friends? pppfttt damn i sound crazy.

but this disco M&M can stay!

I finally got my costume, though now that i look at it i wonder if it was the right one. oh wellz whatever, i can work it. its little red riding hood, but i look at it now, and its kinda like a recycled pirate costume. but the important thing is that it covers my ass, bc i'm not some 19 year old running around anymore. and i got an awesome basket with wolf's head in it. will post pics of it up soon.

the cashier was a complete moron when she rang it up, she was looking at the wolf's head trying to charge me for it, not reading the label on the basket, oh you could see it too, trying to charge me twice. wtf? the guy there was like what's wrong. and she's like there's not tag for the wolf's head. and the guy was like it comes with the basket. and the girl was like why would you it come with that? to which he responds, um little red riding hood costume. and she's like huh? and that is why you're a cashier!

oh yeah and over the weekend i started to get sick. awesome right? just what i needed, change of seasons and stress and stupid freelance ppl to deal with, and now this. awesome just awesome.

halloween is my xmas, and i haven't gotten into full swing of it yet. how sad. i usually break out all the halloween stuff, but sadly not this year. god it sucks being here. anyways anyone coming to nyc, that's you xpinkx look me up! i'm so gonna get shit faced and run around stealing candy from kids.

it hasn't been the greatest couple of days for me....

here are some pics!

the basket with wolf's head!

the packaging for the costume. you can see it has sleeves with skulls on the cuff. what gives?

2 stalkers:

MakeupByRenRen said...

didn't we talk about this already...girlfriend we need to send you on vacay!

ainstein said...

move to CALI!
gah that cashier sounded like an idiot!
sucks that u missed the oyster festival. i wouldve love to go! love oysters =D